One of our favourite things is being able to share travel with others. Whether it’s hiking to Machu Picchu with a group of newly made friends or bringing those with a thirst for adventure along through our camera lens – for us it’s all about sharing those moments that only travel can bring!

Alongside travel, we also have a great passion for videography & content creation. We love capturing moments and sharing stories from our adventures and feel so grateful that a platform like YouTube is available to give us a space to inspire others to go out & see the world.

We have been tossing & turning for a while now about ways where we can get to know you all more, travel alongside you and share everything we have learnt over these past four years of full time travel.

This is where Flying the Nest Expeditions comes in.

In 2019 we held our very first expedition where we invited you to come and explore Vietnam with us and a small group of other amazing people, whilst learning videography/photography skills & tips to becoming a travel influencer along the way!

After four years on the road, learning the ins & outs of travel influencing and successfully becoming one of Australia’s most subscribed travel YouTube channels, we want to share our love for exploring & capturing the world with other like-minded travellers like yourself – and also help you reach your dreams of travelling full time too!

Past Expeditions

Vietnam – April 2019

Future Expeditions