Our favourite kind of holidays are diving holidays – coming from Australia we love the beach, the ocean and having the opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive. Here are some of the places around the world we have scuba or snorkelled at.

The Maldives

During our time at The Maldives we snorkelled and scuba dived in some of the clearest waters we have been in. The resort that we stayed in had a convenient dive centre attached which meant we couldn’t resist going under – twice.  On a separate day we headed out to turtle island where we were able to swim with a wild sea turtles  – a first time experience for us and at the best location.

a picture of someone snorkelling in the maldives

a picture of a turtle in the maldives

A picture of someone Scuba Diving in the Maldives

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When we were travelling in Cairns we did many firsts including swimming with reef sharks and scuba diving. There is a reason why the Great Barrier Reef is so famous, the sights, the fauna and the fish that you see are diverse and very colourful. Add swimming with Nemo in Australia to your bucket list immediately.

a picture of 2 people scuba diving in the great barrier reef

a picture of reef sharks at the great barrier reef

Barbados, The Caribbean

We experienced snorkelling at a shallow water ship wreck whilst passing through Barbados on our Pirate Party cruise. It was our first time snorkelling in a ship wreck and we would love to go back so we can SCUBA down and take a closer look.

a picture of someone Snorkelling in the caribbean

Diving Shipwreck

Phuket, Thailand

While we were island hopping in beautiful Thailand we went snorkelling with hundreds of fish in the warm waters of the Andamann Sea. If you want – check out our video of our snorkelling venture in Phuket, Thailand.

A picture of a girl snorkelling in Phuket

In our own backyard

As mentioned in our backyard post, we love spending our summer exploring reefs off the coast of our hometown in Perth, Australia. A while back we went with a friend and his underwater scooter and got some footage – excuse the epic song choice.

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Stephen and Jess signoff

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