For many travellers heading to the Canadian Rockies, something they are forever looking out for is a bear. We were definitely those kind of travellers. Our noses constantly glued to the bus window as we stared out at the beautiful Canadian scenery hoping to spot a bear.

On our last day exploring the Rockies our dreams of finding a wild bear came true. During our drive from Jasper to Kamloops we stopped off at the River Safari, near the town of Blue River. Here we jumped on a jet boat and made our way through the waters on the search for a bear.

River safari

Blue River is home to the only inland temperate rainforest in the world, and it is here where the River Safari takes place. We boarded our boat ready to explore Grizzly Bear Alley in the hopes of finding a bear.

Before we knew it were were speeding through the water with our guide, Dylan, and his furry friend on the lookout.

Blue River Safari

Blue River Safari

Spotting a black bear

It didn’t take long until we spotted a black bear. He was only 2 years old walking along the river bank. Dylan turned the motor off and everything fell silent. We watched the little bear for about 10 minutes as he scrambled over rocks and logs looking for food. Later Dylan shared with us it was rare to watch such a young bear for so long as they are more timid then the older bears. 

Jet boat fun

After our bear encounter the motors were switched back on and we started speeding again through the shallow waters. The boat ride was so much fun as we zipped around sharp corners taking in the views of the snowcapped peaks surrounding us.

Blue River Safari

Even if we never encountered a bear during our tour we would of still had such a incredible time on the River Safari. The views, the jet boat and being in the middle of the Canadian wilderness made it all worth while. Seeing the young black bear was just the cherry on top.

Price: $82.80CAD for a one hour River Safari tour.

Tours runs from early May to early October.

Thanks to Discover Canada Tours for hosting our Canadian Rockies experience. 

Have you ever had a wild bear encounter? 

Stephen and Jess signoff


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