During our 5 years of study Stephen and I managed to travel to 10 countries. We believe it is so important to use your study years as also a time to get out there and see the world. Travel and exploration helped open our minds, we learned more about ourselves and the world around us and graduated university with more then just a piece of paper.

Here is why you need to travel as a student.

1. Travel will enhance your learning

You will learn so much more then you will from a textbook. Why only learn about the ancient times in a lecture hall when you could see the pyramids with your own two eyes. Stephen was majoring in marketing, advertising and public relations – which made our trip to the US fascinating for him. Being able to stand in the middle Times Square, an advertising hub, increased his passion for advertising. By balancing study with travel you can connect what you are learning with different places and experiences.

2. Those student discounts

Many students say the reason they can’t travel is that it’s too expensive, but they are forgetting the magical student discount! We found amazing deals for flights at student rates during our studies and you can also use your student card for cheaptrain tickets and entry into attractions. Remember, you can also study abroad – killing two birds with one stone.

A picture of the sunrise on top of Mt Batur in Ubud

3. Time is in your favour

Remember, students get around four months off each year. Use that time to travel because in a few years you may be stuck in a 9 to 5 job with only 2 weeks of holidays a year. As students we have so much time on our hands and you may never get the chance again. Don’t wait, travel now!

4. It could help you land a job

Graduating along with 300 others, all wanting to land a job can be a competitive ordeal. You may stand out in the crowd with your international experience. From travel you will acquire skills that are valuable in the professional world, such as independence and networking. Make sure you do put your travels and experience in your resume because employers do notice.

5. You will regret not travelling

If you think it will be easier to travel once you graduate you are mistaken. Once you land a job, the bills will start rolling in, mortgage payments begin and then once you begin a family of your own it will be harder to find time to travel then it was during your study years. Our favourite memories during our time at university was the trips we took, waiting for uni break to start and a new adventure to begin.

A picture of people kicking snow in new zealand

Do you think it’s important to travel as a student?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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