When thinking about packing for a European country or more specifically France, it’s hard to not want to bring your entire wardrobe to make sure you have that perfect outfit ready. Well, I would like to challenge you to really think about your luggage, to break it down and ensure you have just the right (no more, no less) essentials when heading to Paris for a weekend getaway.

These would be my top essentials…

Your Phone + Olliclip Pack

Phone camera technology is quickly starting to overtake low end point-and-shoot cameras. If you don’t plan to spend decent money on an DSLR or high end point and shoot you may as well bring your phone and put the money towards lens accessories. Cost and space effective.

Let’s say you are planning to only bring carry on luggage, space is limited and having a camera body + lens could easily take up unnecessary space. Have a newer iPhone? Bring it along and simply add an olloclip lens kit to ensure you capture the moment.

The Dress That Stands Out

During our adventures through Europe we soon realised that if there is one thing about Europe, in particular Paris, that stands out – fashion has a major influence on culture. Every corner I turned I noticed incredible dresses walking the streets.

Before you think about packing, make sure you have that dress ready to go. Do a quick weather check online to see whether you can get away with a tank dress or if you need to opt into something a bit warmer.

The Perfect Pair Of Boots

If I didn’t include an item on this list that mentioned shoes I wouldn’t be doing Paris any justice. Boots are both fashionable and practical so putting a few extra bucks into buying a pair that will both last long and look good is not a bad idea.

If you plan to do a lot of walking in your boots just make sure you know which style of heel (or no heel) you feel comfortable getting around the city in before making your decision.

A Lightweight Scarf

The weather in Paris can be very unpredictable, even on sunny days it may be worth packing a jumper in a side bag. However, seeing as we are wanting to be as space efficient as possible on this weekend getaway you will want to have something light to carry around that you can throw on when the wind changes. This is why a lightweight scarf is the perfect choice.

Photo 17-10-2015, 11 44 24 AM

A Sturdy Backpack

Seeing as you have made the choice to go carry-on only you want to ensure that the backpack carrying your entire weekend is both sturdy, meets the airlines requirements and can fit everything in. 

Choosing a backpack can be harder than you think as you want it to be both lightweight, (as it goes towards your baggage allowance) practical and if it is holding everything you own then certainly waterproof.

Final Tips

To ensure you can fit everything else in, really question whether you need that extra top or makeup backups. If it’s not essential then do with what you can feasibly use and worst case scenario if you do run out, buy it when you get there.

Stephen and Jess signoff