If you ask us and any local West Australian what’s the best way to see WA, most would agree when we say a good old fashion road trip! We live in Australia’s largest state and even though we could be a little bias here but we think it’s the most beautiful. Ripe with natural landscapes, white sand beaches, pink lakes and more the next time you’re in WA jump in a car and hit the road on one of these amazing road trip routes.

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Being local West Australians, we are a big fan of good old fashion road trips. We live in Australia’s largest state and though we could be a little bias here, we think it’s the most beautiful. Ripe with natural landscapes, white sand beaches, pink lakes and more!

So, the next time you’re in WA, jump in a car with an awesome stereo system to blast your road trip playlist and hit the road on one of these amazing road trip routes.

Gibb River Road

If you are after a real Aussie outback experience than you need to take the drive along Gibb River Road. This epic 660-kilometre route was originally built for droving cattle, but today it’s a legendary adventure. Starting in Broome on the west coast to Kununurra on the Northern Territory border, this trip takes you through the world-famous Kimberley region.

After enjoying a camel ride on Cable Beach, head north to Derby and turn inland towards some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery. The road cuts through some incredible untouched Australian landscapes like King Leopold Range, Philips Range, Barnett Range, Gibb Range, Mosquito Hills, Pentecost Range and Cockburn Range.

The Gibb River Road is best taken between May and October. Roads are often closed due to flooding during the wet season (September to May).

Length of road trip: 7 – 10 days

Great South West Edge

Take the drive along one of Australia’s most fascinating coastal landscapes between Perth and Esperance. Stretching for more than 1000 kilometres, passing Bunbury, the idyllic haven of Margaret River, past towering Kari forests in Walpole and stunning beaches in Denmark; all the way to Esperance – this is a road trip you do not want to miss!

Length of road trip: 11 days

The Warlu Way

Also known as the Dreamtime Trail, Warlu Way follows the path of the Dreamtime sea serpent as it traverses North West Australind, the Pilbara, and Kimberley regions of WA.

This road trip begins on the shores of the world’s largest fringing reef, Ningaloo Reef. Pack some snacks as you will then cover 2771 kilometres as you drive along crystal shorelines through rugged ranges and passing ancient Aboriginal art as you make your way up North. It is recommended you take the route from Exmouth to Onslow & Mackeral Island, up to the old mining town of Tom Price, then on to the world famous Karijini National Park, before ending at the stunning beaches of Broome.

Length of road trip: 9-11 days

Esperance to Wave Rock

Wave Rock is one of Australia’s most famous rock formations which, as the name suggests, is shaped like a huge wave. Fifteen metres high and 10 meters long, it’s one pretty impressive rock!

After checking out Wave Rock and the surrounding area, take the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail through historical Norseman before arriving at the stunning beaches of Esperance. There are six stunning national parks surrounding the area, all within a day’s drive.

Length of road trip: 4 days


Which one of these epic road trips would you love to take?

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