Europe is a very popular destination for travellers around the world due to it’s rich culture, diversity and the ability to see so many countries in a small area – so why haven’t we been yet?

1. It Was Not High On Our Early Bucket List

Our initial bucket list was to see Asia and America. Growing up in Australia and funding our own travels meant we had to pick either USA or Europe due to the giant cost that both continents entail during our full time university studies. We have always been drawn to America so we had to go there first!

2. We Wanted Unique Stories

Our travel journey started when we finished high school and so did our friends. Everyone around us fled to Europe and we heard so many stories during parties and social events about Europe that we felt we had already been! We wanted to share some unique travel stories so we decided to head to Asia and North America instead.


3. It Can Be Quite Expensive

We have only been on two expensive holidays so far – our 5 week eastern USA trip and a 3 week adventure around Asia and The Middle East – there wasn’t funds for a third expensive holiday. We have mostly travelled Asia and our own backyard, Australia, which were relatively inexpensive. There just wasn’t any spare money to fund a visit to Europe due to university.

We Are Now Ready To Go!

Next year we will be ticking off the western side of America and the amazing country of Canada – which will then open up Europe and we are so glad we have left it to last. As they say, leave the best for last and we are itching to visit.

Have you held off going to a popular destination? What were your reasons? We would love to hear in the comment section below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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