We are all guilty of acting like complete tourists every now and then whilst travelling. During our visit to NYC we were way too over excited to be in the Big Apple and once going through our photos when we returned home we realised what complete tourists we looked like.

Here is a bit of a light hearted post today inspired by those photos.


Okay so you have decided you want to go to one of the most famous cities in the world, New York City. You have a general idea of what you want to do but need a little re-assurance to make sure your time as a tourist there is worthwhile.

You may of done a quick Google-sesh or a friend tagged you on Facebook, you may of even gone to the wrong website. But fear no more as you have to come to the right site to ensure you are prepared to be the ultimate tourist in New York City.

Step 1 – Be The Most Touristy-Tourist

So the countdown calendar app on your iPhone finally says day zero as your plane touches down in New York City. First stop to being the ultimate tourist is obviously grabbing a Starbucks coffee in Times Square. This should be followed by deciding whether your takeaway cup looks better with the Valencia or Sierra Instagram filter whilst juggling which vendor has the cheapest I Love New York tops.

I love New York T Shirt Flickr


We then recommend a quick stop back at your hotel to change into your brand-spanking-new top, this should be swiftly followed by buying a tasty cinnabon as you head towards the Empire State Building. Once conquered, a visit to the Grand Central Station, The Brooklyn Bridge and The Top of the Rock is a must.

New York City

Next, you need to get some photographs of you standing in front of some iconic places, so lets start by catching the Staten Island Ferry across to get a shot of you (in your brand new I Love New York top of course) in front of the Statue of Liberty.


Once your back on the mainland you need to head to the Friends apartment (wearing another shirt – this time it’s a “How You Doin?” Joey shirt). Heck, lets even throw in a iPhone selfie in front of that fancy glass-cubed Apple store on your way to Central Park


Step 2 – Forget the shower – sing your heart out on Broadway

Ok, lets be serious for a moment, we all know deep down inside you enjoy the singing parts of all Disney movies and even know the odd musical ballad off by the heart. Also, don’t deny that Mamma Mia is in your most watched collection – #MerrylStreep.

Mamma Mia Broadway Show(source)

There is plenty to see on Broadway, our long list of personal recommendation’s are ‘The Lion King‘, ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, ‘Wicked,’ ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and ‘Mary Poppins’. Then there’s all the new plays like ‘Book of Mormon’ and the 10 new Disney broadway shows scheduled to come out.

Once you see one we guarantee you can’t help but book a second, and then you can start working your way through the off broadway shows and standup nights.

Step 3 – Eat Pizza…because Pizza

Do we really need to waste your time and my time putting together a fancy paragraph about all the amazing benefits that pizza provides you in relation to health and satisfactory benefits?

Pizza New York City Flickr(source)

*Sigh* okay you win, here’s that paragraph you asked for. New York City is widely regarded as having some of the best pizza in the world. You can easily grab a slice from just about every corner and we can guarantee you will come back for seconds.

As perfectly put together by the illustrious Jennifer Lawrence – this how we feel when we don’t have pizza:

Where's the Pizza Jennifer Lawrence

Final Step – Go Celebrity Spotting

As mentioned above, New York City is a hot spot for TV and movie filming as well as being a jungle full of celebrities. A great way to start finding them includes waiting alongside paparazzi at the Trump SoHo New York hotel. If you have no luck you could always do a quick Google search to find daily filming locations.

Paparazzi New York Flickr


If you wasted the whole day with your camera in selfie mode with no selfies taken, then you can always pay $30 bucks to go to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, snap a selfie with your favourite celeb, switch it to black an white (to hide the glare of the wax) and claim you’ve met Johnny Depp – watch those Insta-likes and followers roll in.

Jess Valentine & Johnny Depp

So there you have it. Are you already feeling better organised about your once in a lifetime trip to the big apple? And lets be honest, after visiting New York City we all know deep down inside that we are guilty of at least one of these points, maybe not all of them but at least one.

Have you been to New York City? What did you end up doing?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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