Bellies En-Route: Street Food Tour in Cairo

Once we landed in Cairo the first thing we wanted to do was hit the streets and start trying some delicious food. We had heard amazing things about the Egyptian cuisine, but we had no idea where to start. After a little googling we found a food tour company called Bellies En-Route and decided to book them in – best decision we made during our time here in Cairo!

For over 4 hours we walked through the streets of downtown Cairo with the two lovely locals and tried SO much amazing food! Bellies En-Route is all about the experiences and is an amazing tour for those wanting more than just going to another restaurant. They took us to truly local spots, trying traditional foods while sharing with us the significance that each dish has to the Egyptian culture.

Some of our favourite Egyptian dishes we tried:


Considered to be the Egyptian national dish, this has got to be the most unique dish we have ever heard of. Are you ready for this … a mix of rice, spaghetti, small round macaroni, vermicelli, fried onions, black lentils and hummus, topped with thick tomato sauce, garlic and vinegar sauce, and chilli sauce! This may sound like the strangest combination – but it is delicious, we promise.

Ful Medames

One of the common staple foods in Egypt, Ful Medames can be traced to ancient Egypt. It consists of fava beans served with oil, garlic and lemon juice.

Prickly Pear

Before visiting Egypt we had yet to try prickly pear, and during the summer months they are everywhere in Cairo. We went to a little stand where they prepared and served us up a bag full – the most refreshing fruit to have on a hot, summers day here in Egypt!

Ta’meya (Egyptian Falafel)

The Ta’meya or Falafel is made out of crushed fava beans mixed with other ingredients, then is fried. It is usually served with tahina and salad with Egyptian bread.


This green dip is made up of parsley, dill, leek, grinded fava beans, spices, green pepper, and fried onions on the top. Served with Egyptian bread and green onions, we had ours served cold and found it to be the perfect meal for lunch on a hot day.


Our favourite traditional Egyptian dessert that we tried was Kunafa. It is a traditional sweet using shredded Konafa, baked in a deep tray and filled with cream or creamy cheese in the middle and plenty of syrup added on top right after it’s taken out of the oven.


A big thank you to the Bellies En-Route for taking us on an incredible food tour!