We’re in Germany! This was our second visit to Berlin and we decided that while we were still trying to shake off the jet lag we would spend the day … eating. We took to the streets and made it our mission to try as many foods here in Berlin as we could.

Third Wave Coffee at Roamers

What is third wave coffee?

Overtime we have seen the coffee culture change and grow, with people saying we have now entered the third wave of coffee. Back in the 60’s coffee consumption began to grow as coffee became widely accessible – this marks the first wave.

The second wave began as an increase in quality became readily available because of big companies like Starbucks. Coffee became a luxury product rather than a necessity.

As time went on we began to become more conscious of the importance of coffee quality, on sustainability and innovative brew methods – which leads to the third wave of coffee. We are now happy to pay more to receive these things.

Where to find the best “third wave” coffee in Berlin?

The best way to describe Roamers is a hidden gem. This hole-in-the-wall style cafe services some of the best coffee we have ever tried (and if you know us that is saying a lot)! They serve your standard cappuccinos and lattes, but also mix in a few unique choices such as a monochrome iced latte with activated charcoal and delicious filtered coffee.

We only came in for a coffee, but we saw plenty of brunch dishes coming out of the kitchen and they looked amazing! Would totally recommend if you are looking for an amazing brunch spot during a trip to Berlin.

Currywurst at Curry36

During our trip to Berlin we noticed currywurst stands everywhere! After speaking to a local we found out this dish is a typical German fast food dish, commonly eaten after a big night out.

We really wanted to try it, but being vegetarian we thought we would have to miss this one out, BUT we were pleasantly surprised to find that Curry36 sell a vegan option! For only 2.50 we were served a massive sausage in a crispy, warm bun with delicious currywurst ketchup – and this was the best “hot dog” we have ever tried! The sauce is sweeter than your standard ketchup and the sausage was the best vegetarian sausage we have ever tried!

German Beer in the Tiergarten

Even though we are both non-beer drinkers we have always loved the idea of sitting at a German beer garden on a warm summers day and drinking a cold pint (not sure if pint is the right word here, we haven’t got the beer lingo down yet haha)!

After a stroll through the beautiful Tiergarten, a massive inner-city park here in Berlin, we stumbled across a cute beer garden called Café am Neuen See. Located right by a lake, this was the perfect spot to pop our German beer cherry. We asked the waitress for her lightest beer… and we actually liked it!

We were also peckish so decided to order a brushetta to go with it, but little did we know we were about to be served the largest brushetta-style pizza we have ever seen! The base was light and crispy and went really well with the beer.

We recommend you come here for lunch and after take one of the row boats out on the lake. We were a little late to arrive as our German summers day decided to turn into a rain and wind feast for half the day. I guess now we have an excuse to come back!

Street Food Thursday at Markethall Neun

Something we found after our first to Berlin is that this city is so international. It’s a place that you not only go to for trying the national dishes, but they also serve some of the best international foods in the country!

Since 2013, Germany’s first international street food market has been held every Thursday at Markethall Neun. The market hall has a really cool vibe about it, with almost too much choice. We decided to go for some Chinese for dinner and had a delicious steamed bao bun filled with spicy tofu. For dessert we went a completely different way and had french crepes – YUM!

What’s your favourite German meal or snack?

Thanks to VisitBerlin for inviting Flying The Nest to visit Berlin, as always all opinions are our own.