Whenever we mention to our friends that a new destination has been booked, the first question we always get is “Where are you going”, often followed by “Who are you going with?” As they mentally skim through the list of friends who we are most likely to drag on a plane with us to some new crazy adventure we have planned…we love their reaction when we say – “Our parents”.

Are you crazy? You want to go on an overseas adventure with the same people who banned you from watching The Simpsons until grade 12? The people who gave you a 9pm curfew when all your friends got to stay out until midnight? The people who unconsciously embarrassed you in front of the cool kids when they picked you up from school?

The people that routinely push your buttons without even trying??

Before you completely disregard the idea of travelling the world with the people that raised you, consider our reasons for why travelling with your parents is in fact, a great idea!! It might even be your parents that need convincing to travel with you.

Opportunity to get to know you

If you are serial travellers like us you probably don’t see you parents no way near enough. Travelling with them gives you the opportunity to share your passion for travel and why you are always so far from home. It can allow them to get to know the person you have grown up to become.

What about their bucket list?

 We can get caught up in wanting to complete our own bucket list. Life is too short, right? Well what about your parents bucket list? I am sure there are many things not ticked off while they were busy caring for you throughout the years. This could be the perfect time to cross off something on yours and your parents bucket list together.


Life is too short

Again, life is too short. Nobody lives forever and we can get so caught up in our own lives that we don’t spend enough time with our family and loved ones. Even if you think that you can’t stand your parents, remember they wont be in your lives forever. And how you spend your time with them now can become amazing memories in the future.

Those family photos

Move away from the generic family photo’s at birthdays and Christmases. Imagine having family shots around your home in front of the eiffel tower and on top of the empire state building.


Sharing the stories

Lets expand the parent- child relationship and make some parent-adult stories. Travelling and experiencing new things with your parents allows you to no longer lean on the past for family conversations. You can remember these amazing stories and relive them whenever you catch up.

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