New York is one of the busiest cities in the world and one of the largest cities also. It is not only tough to live in but also very expensive. That is why they say that whoever has made it in New York can make it anywhere else in this world. This is not a joke as most people find life in New York daunting and grueling.

The above said does not mean that New York is totally uninhabitable. If you approach the city in the right means, you will have one of the nicest times in your life. With a vibrant night scene and endless entertainment, there is no lack of thrill when you visit New York. If you do it well, your visit can become one of your most memorable experiences ever.

As I said, New York is large and you will need to plan your days carefully so that you get the best out of this city. A week is specifically a very limited time to carry out any business you had and visiting the places that you wanted. You will therefore need to plan a schedule and take note of some safety precautions for the time you are in the city. You do not want to be stuck in the New York traffic or get lost (it is extremely easy to get lost in New York).

Where to Stay In New York

New York is a bit expensive in terms of hotel prices compared to many cities in the world so you will have to have a big budget on accommodation when you land in New York. This does not mean that you cannot find affordable places to stay when you are in New York. If you want classy accommodation, Hotels such as Yotel New York, The Bentley Hotel and The Hilton Garden Inn Square hotel are some of the best high end hotels you can find. If you are on budget and you do not feel like spending a fortune on accommodation, you can opt for affordable but still good hotels such as The Skyline Hotel New York and The Travel Inn – Midtown Manhattan. It is advisable to stay in a hotel within a walking distance of the subway to enable easy movement.

How to Move Around In New York

New York is a crowded city and moving around won’t be easy. Driving is not the best option as the traffic jams can be somehow exhausting. Whatever purpose brought you to New York, you will need to have efficient and fast transportation. The subway is the easiest and most economical ways to get around. You can also opt for a bus ride or a cab. A taxi is specifically good if you want to go to a specific address and you do not know the city well. If you know the road well, you can have a orbitz car rental.

Where to Eat

New York has one of the fanciest restaurants in the world and you should not miss the tasty cuisines that are on offer. Known for harboring the best chefs in the world, New York has endless high end restaurants you should try out. From Thai food to Chinese cuisine, you won’t get enough of New York restaurants. Head over to Chinatown and enjoy the best Chinese cuisine in the Ping Seafood Restaurant. Whatever you desire is available in New York and staying a week in New York without having a taste will be a complete miss out.

Places You Should Visit and Things to Do

New York does not physical attractions with the numerous parks across the city, several museums and artifacts and of course the statue of liberty. The Whitney museum should be the first museum you visit (according to my opinion). Do not miss out on other good museums such as the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA). There are loads of other attractions in New York.

New York has a vibrant theater scene and you should make an effort to at least see a play during your one week stay. If you are not into theater that much you can decide to go shopping in the several malls that are in New York. Whether you love fashion or electronics, there is no lack of things to buy in New York.

And you should definitely visit the empire state building. From here, you can have a marvelous view of the entire city. Do not forget to carry a set of binoculars too.

Take a cruise across the city if you can and I suggest you do this at night. You will get to enjoy the sight of bright shining skyscrapers while being swept by the breeze. Make sure that you delve into all the boroughs of New York in the short time you are there.

New York Weather

The weather in New York ranges from mild to wet. If you are visiting, remember to check the weather forecasts and prepare adequately. The rainy season comes with its frustration as traffic jams are pronounced and everyone is rushing to get home.

Your budget should range between $300 and $1000 a day depending on the type of activities that you wish to engage in. Please make a good budget as New York is very expensive and you can be surprised by the prices of some goods and services.