Tips on How to travel and save during universtity

Yes it is possible to travel during your time at university or school. We both ignited our passion for travel at university and managed to go on 8 trips with the majority of them being international holidays. You can watch our video below or if you prefer reading check out our tips below.

1. You are going to have to get a job

Unless you have rich parents or have won the lotto then you are going to have to get a job, there is no question about it. How can you fund your travels without any funds? We worked between 24-30 hours a week amongst our classes, lectures and assignments.

2. Saving Tip 1 – Do the $50 a week rule

We have been using this tip ever since our days in university. We strongly believe that if you starve yourself of all spending then you are going to just burst and go on a shopping spree that undoes all your hard work. So after paying for our weeks bills, fuel and necessities we put everything into savings minus $50.

This way we can spend the $50 on whatever we want and not feel bad about saving for our trip.


3. Saving Tip 2 – The 52 week money saving challenge

If you find that the $50 a week rule is too hard or doesn’t fit into your current budgets then try the 52 week money saving challenge. In your first week you put away $1, second week $2 and in your 52nd week you put away $52. At the end of it all you will have saved a grand total of $1,378 which is enough for a incredible trip.

Save in your first year of university and then travel in your second!

52 week money saving challenge

4. Bonus: More Savings Tips

We put together an article with even more money saving tips.

Read more: Easy Ways To Save Money To Travel

5. Use the Skyscanner “Everywhere” tool

If you don’t care where you go as long as you are traveling then use the “everywhere” tool. Put in your current home destination and then type “everywhere” which will bring you to a page that shows you the cheapest country and city to fly into. For example for us it is cheapest to fly to Bali than internally in Australia.

6. Use AirBnB to sleep cheaply

When we lived in Canada for 3 months we spent a total of $41 per night for two people for a 1 bedroom house with a kitchen, bedroom, internet and every possible facility we could ask for. You wouldn’t get that a hotel, let alone a private room in a hostel.

If you haven’t used Airbnb before and would like to sign up then why not use this link here so you can receive a $45 Airbnb travel credit.

Picture of front of AirBnB house

7. Use Couchsurfing to sleep for free

Though we haven’t personally used couch surfing we do know friends who highly recommend it. Live on someones couch for free with Couchsurfing.

8. Go On A Study Tour

During my time at University I decided to swap out one of my classes to instead travel to Singapore for a week. I literally traveled instead of waking up at 8am to go to a lecture and class. Of course this applies for different universities but as I was doing a business degree it fell under a tourism class, you will have to check with your student central to see if this is possible.

overlay of desk for studying

Stephen and Jess signoff