I am a strong believer in keeping your carry on/travel bag light, carrying only your true essentials! If any of you are wondering what’s in my travel bag – here you go. These are my top essential items that are always in my travel bag, ranging from beauty products to gadgets and accessories.

1. Toffee Mission Rucksack

I can’t go on a plane without this durable, yet gorgeous bag. It easily holds all my items – and reminds me of a female version of an Indiana Jones bag. You can purchase this bag from here.


2. Boston Travel Wallet

I got this travel wallet as a birthday present and can’t go on a trip without it! It holds all my cash, cards, passport and plane tickets. I love having all my important documents in one place, it makes it easy to find what I need when boarding my flights and I can simply pop it in my hotel safe until I leave for my next adventure. You can grab this travel wallet here.

3. Eye Mask & Pillow

I take an eye mask and pillow with me on every flight! I have so many eye masks that I have lost count. I also am not a fan of neck pillows … I take a proper pillow on my flights, even though I get the odd strange look from the custom officers as they put my pillow through the x-ray machines. I just feel my journey is so much more comfortable with my eye mask and comfy pillow.

4. Sunnies

I always travel with a few pairs of sunnies, and as I spend all my money on travel I can’t show off my designer sunnies that I got from Paris. Instead, I have $5 sunnies from Bali that I love to bits and can’t go anywhere without! (maybe someday I can get some Ray-Ban’s that actually have UV protection)


5. Basic Makeup

I usually don’t wear any makeup during my flights, however I do like to take a bag of the bare essentials for when I land and want to look presentable. I like to carry my brush travel kit from Sigma, my L’Oreal True Match Foundation, my Finishing Veil Powder from Nude by Nature and any standard blush and bronzer I have lying around.

6. Evian Facial Spray

When I fly my skin gets super dry, therefore I always pack my Evian Spray to keep my face cool and hydrated. You can grab a travel size version which helps  set make-up, removes perspiration and even rehydrates your skin.

7. Mooloola Bricklane Hat

I got this hat as a cheeky anniversary present from Stephen and I am obsessed. This is the first hat of many more to come. I love this style of hat, its bendable and easy to pop into my bag and adds a touch of girliness to any outfit. You can get this hat from here.

Stephen and Jess from Flying The Nest

8. Comfy Shoes

You can’t go on a flight without some comfy shoes to travel in. I like to wear either my Chuck Taylor All Stars Converse or my Toffee Lipstick Sandals.

9. Camera

Of course, I never leave without our camera gear! Stephen carries around his Canon 5D Mark III, but for us ladies I like to carry around my Sony RX100 Mk II. It’s light, durable and takes great photos and video. My favourite feature is the video stabilisation, giving my footage a smooth look.

10. GoPro HD Hero 3 + Arm Extender

We love the water, and are constantly diving during our travels, so we always carry around our GoPro for underwater video recordings. I also recommend grabbing the arm extender accessory for those selfie shots.

11. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Noise cancellation headphones are a godsend on any flight. I use Stephen’s hand-me-down Sennheisier MM 70i headphones, but I am sure there are girlier noise cancellation headphones out there.

12. The 3 i’s – iPhone, iPad, (i)MacBook Pro

Okay, maybe it is 2 i’s, but these 3 apple products come with me everywhere “i” go. I use my iPhone for apps such as Google Maps, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. I use my iPad to watch movies during my flights to pass the time. And my MacBook Pro to write posts for Flying The Nest.

13. Super Power Bank Charger

This awesome device allows you to charge up to four phones or two tablets simultaneously! Grab it here.

14. Those not-so-exciting Necessities

A few extras that are an obvious must … deodorant, cheeky pair of sweat pants, lip balm, a good book, comfy pair of socks, tooth brush, sunscreen, pens etc.

What is your number 1 travel bag essential?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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