Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. Located in southern Egypt, it’s a great place to explore the countries incredible history away from the chaos of Cairo. During our 13 day adventure with On The Go Tours we headed down to Aswan to spend 2 days before our felucca journey on the Nile.

Here is everything you need to know for a visit to Aswan here in Egypt.

How to get to Aswan

The Egyptian Railway is the most comfortable way to get from Cairo to Aswan. We took the Watania first class sleeper train which was included in our King Rameses tour. The train journey should take 12 hours (however delays are common here in Egypt).

We filmed our entire experience if you were curious as to what a “first class” overnight train is like in Egypt.

Where to stay

During our stay in Aswan we spent the night at the Helnan Aswan Hotel. It is situated on the Nile River, in the downtown area.

Our room featured a balcony with Nile views, lounge room with TV, kitchen, bathroom and large bedroom – it was basically like having our own apartment! This hotel stay was included on our King Ramses Tour.

Things to do

Philae Temple

This was one of the most stunning temples we visited during our time in Egypt. Philae temple sits on its very own island on the Nile, which makes it a very unique temple to visit. Being on an island made our visit out to Philae feel very peaceful, plus our group were the only ones here – we had this ancient temple all to ourselves!

We suggest giving yourself a good 45 minutes to wander around the complex, full of beautiful hieroglyphics and some areas still have paint from when it was built.

Entrance for Philae Temple is 100 LE and the boat ride is 120 LE return. 

Abu Simbel

We may have had to wake up at 3am and go on a 3 hour bus ride to get here, but trust us – this is well worth it!

Built by Ramses II, Abu Simbel is hands down the most awe-inspiring temple we visited during our entire trip to Egypt. When we arrived, our guide made us look at the ground as we walked up to the temple so that when we finally looked up the entire temple was there in front of us – and it was one incredible sight to have.

This is one of those spots that you do not want to forget your camera!

To add Abu Simbel on to the King Ramses tour it costs €100 + USD$16 for entrance fees.

Aswan Old Market

This was the first market we visited here in Egypt… and it was an experience!

Aswan Souk is a colourful bazaar selling the cheapest souvenirs you can find in Aswan. Traders sell a wide variety of goods such as perfumes, peanuts, henna powder, dried hibiscus flowers, spices, T-shirts and custom made Ancient Egyptian styled souvenirs.

In side alleys you’ll find traders selling Nubian artefacts such as skullcaps, talismans and baskets, Sudanese swords, spices and carpets, and stuffed animals such as crocodiles!

Nubian Meal

During our time in Aswan we had dinner at a restaurant serving delicious Nubian foods. We were picked up by boat at the front of our hotel, and sailed up the Nile River to the restaurant.

We decided to order the tagine, named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. We went for the fish, and it was delicious!


A big thank you to On The Go Tours for inviting Flying The Nest to visit Egypt and sponsoring this incredible trip, as always all opinions are our own.