Welcome to the 2014 edition of our top 5 favourite cities. This is a personal post about our favourite cities and would love to hear your top 5 in the comment section below.

Number 5 – Washington D.C.

Coming in at number 5 is Washington D.C. and to be honest with you, originally this city was not high on our list of destinations to go to. However, we decided to still add it to our Eastern USA trip as we wanted to check off Americas capital and boy are we glad we did. As we have not yet been to Europe, we had never seen such old, pristine buildings and been to a city so full of history. Washington D.C is visually and historically beautiful and we did not want to leave!

Washington DC

Number 4 – Singapore

You know a city is special when it warrants a second visit less than 12 months after seeing it. Living in Australia we have travelled to a lot of third world Asian countries, so heading to a city that was booming with wealth and intriguing architecture ensured that Singapore would give us a unique Asian experience. What made our stay even more memorable was staying at the Marina Bay Sands, being able to gaze out at the city skyline every night from the hotels infinity pool was unforgettable.

Marina Bay Sands Sinagpore

Number 3 – Sydney

After visiting most of Australia’s cities, Sydney has got to be our favourite. Once experiencing Sydney’s Darling Harbour with it’s famous Harbour Bridge and iconic Opera House and driving to one of Australia’s most visited beaches, BondiSydney is a perfect balance of beach and city living. It may be the Australian in us providing a bias view or that we loved climbing the Harbour Bridge, but make sure if you are planning on heading down under you put aside some time to visit our favourite Australian city.

Sydney Opera House

Number 2 – Dubai

To be honest, the main reason we visited Dubai was just to skydive as we had heard it is the number one destination to jump. But after spending 5 days in Dubai it became one of the most amazing places we had ever visited! Everything is bigger in Dubai, it has the worlds tallest tower, you are able to snowboard in shopping centres, ride camels in the desert or even swim with dolphins – there is just so much diversity and we would love to go back in the future.

Dubai City

Number 1 – New York City

There’s just something about New York that’s hard to put into words, it felt so different to previous cities yet we knew so much about it due to popular culture, movies and videogames. It’s an urban jungle bustling with life and iconic locations at every turn. We walked down Broadway, took a picture in front of the ‘Friends’ apartment, saw Roc-a-fella, witnessed the Statue of Liberty, walked down Times Square and went to the top of The Empire State building. We would not be surprised to find New York City on many travellers bucket lists.

New York City

What’s your top 5 city list? We would love to hear in the comment section below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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