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Seeing as we are locals to Perth, Australia it would be silly for us not to spread our knowledge on things to do and where to eat in our little isolated city. Even though we are both not originally from here, both Jess and myself spent our years at high school, college and university in Perth. If I had to pick a place to say where I grew up, it certainly would be here.

A lot of Perth’s little gems are located outside of the main city (remember what we said about being isolated) so if you are visiting make sure you hire a car so you won’t miss a thing. Here’s our local guide to the top 10 things to do in (and outside) Perth.

Sunbath at our Beautiful Beaches

There are just too many beaches to choose from in Perth but if we had to select a few you can’t go past Scarborough Beach, Trigg Beach, Cottelsoe or the northern beach of Mullaloo. Each one is unique with different arrays of cafes and restaurants. In the end nothing beats good old fish and chips and a cold drink whilst watching the sunset. We would not be surprised if you spent most of your time in the sun due to our mediterranean climate.

Scarborough Beach, Perth

Visit Our Quirky Cafe’s

There are quite a few unique cafe’s spread throughout Perth, and we can’t write this post without recommending two of our favourites. The first is The Sorrento Beach Shack in Hillary’s where all the plates are mismatched, tea is served in colourful china and the decor is changing every other week. If you are down for it they have board games to play and the menu is reasonably priced. Our second recommendation is the very popular Yelo Cafe in Trigg is simply an old house converted into a shaggy beach cafe. There are organic options, fresh fruit, water straight from the coconut and plenty of gluten free options. We recommend grabbing a coffee to go and walking down to Trigg Beach.

  • Yelo Cafe - Trigg

Kayak to Penguin Island

Although the tour is based in Rockingham, (which is about 40 minutes out of Perth) this activity is worth the drive for you adventure travellers. On the tour you kayak past seals at Seal Island and end up on Penguin Island where you can see hundreds of penguins in their natural habitat.

Kayaking to Penguin Island

Have A BBQ at Kings Park

If you are wanting to see beautiful views of our city then you can’t go past Kings Park. One of the worlds largest inner city parks, you can see our bushland, have a BBQ lunch and even see our Aboriginal heritage.

Kings Park, Perth

Walk Down London Court

This laneway is in the middle of our CBD and provides a trip down to our old Elizabethan times. There are modern shops taking residence in an old premises which was originally constructed in 1937. It’s hard to recommend heading here purely just to see London Court, but if you are out experiencing our city’s CBD then make sure you walk through it, it’s hard not to miss the unique architecture, it kinda stands out.

London Court, Perth

4WD in Lancelin and go sand boarding

Lancelin is an hour an a half out of Perth and is a popular destination for 4WD and sand boarding. If either of these things interest you then you already know you are planning to head to Lancelin.

Drive up to the Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are about a two hour drive north of Perth, so if you are situated here and have the afternoon off and access to a car, we recommend packing a lunch, picking your favourite tunes and driving up to see these amazing natural wonders.

The Pinnacles 2

Wine Taste in the Swan Valley

What a way to spend an afternoon – getting chauffeured around our beautiful wine country whilst getting very drunk on wine or beer. The Swan Valley is a popular destination for weddings so expect to see a lot of picturesque views.

See Our Wildlife at Whiteman Park

If you want to see Kangaroos and Koalas without going to the zoo, then we recommend you head to Whiteman Park. There is plenty to do to spend a full day here but we wouldn’t be surprised if you spent most of your time in the Wildlife park to get pictures with our native wildlife.

Fremantle and the Fremantle Prison

There is enough culture in Fremantle to have its own post written about it. From the old record stores to unique fashion stores there is plenty to do in the town. If you are after some thrill seeking then you can’t go past a night time torchlight tour at Fremantle Prison, where you can experience the morgue, the gallows and whipping post at night.


The Swan Bells – Perth’s most iconic building is worth a stroll past to grab a quick snap.

Rottnest Island – Fly over or take a boat to see our native Quokkas.

Hillary’s Boat Harbour – Great for a meal out on a Friday night or an ice cream and swim on a hot summers day.

Serpentine Falls – Another destination that requires driving, pack a lunch. It is so worth the drive!

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