Since visiting Paris four years ago, we have fallen head over heels for France and after our travels through Russia we noticed that the cheapest flight leaving Moscow was to Nice … we didn’t need any further convincing, we were headed to the French Riviera for the very first time!

The French Riviera is such a dreamy destination. With warm blue waters, ocean front dining, beautiful sunny days and deliciously good food – why is this place not on your bucket list already?? We had three days to see as much of Nice and it’s surrounding towns as possible and we were up for the challenge.

If you want what we got up to in the gorgeous city of Nice check out our YouTube video below, and keep scrolling for more info and snaps from our travels here.


1. Go for a stroll & grab a coffee along Promenade des Anglais

No trip to Nice would be complete with spending sometime enjoying the sun and sea breeze at the Promenade des Anglais. Our hotel was located only a short walk from this beautiful spot, so each morning we would head to a little cafe right on the waters edge, enjoy a coffee & have early morning chats – the best way to start the day!

If you are visiting on a warm, sunny day you can also enjoy water sports here, get your tan on or simply go for a stroll and take in the stunning coast line.

2. Eat Crepes at Creperie Le Trimaran

We love a good crepe deal and that is exactly what we found here in Nice. We suggest heading to Creperie Le Trimaran for lunch and for only 9.90€ you can get one savoury crepe AND one sweet crepe of your choice. I went for a salmon + cream cheese and Stephen went for a ratatouille (which was actually invented here in Nice), along with a lemon sugar crepe for dessert to share – delish!

3. Enjoy the views from Castle Hill

If you are looking for a way to burn off all the delicious French food you’ve been consuming we suggest going for a short hike to the top of Castle Hill. This hill is located right on the coast between Old Town and the Nice Port giving you incredible views. There is a free elevator that takes you to the top, but we suggest getting some exercise in and walking up the steps.

4. Hire a ‘convertible’

This is hands down one of the best ways we have ever explored a city. In Nice you can hire these mini, blue ‘convertibles’ from NiceCar and drive all over Nice. This 3 wheeled vehicle is super easy to drive, and has an in-built GPS which helps navigate you to all the best spots in the city. This is seriously a MUST do when visiting!

5. Explore the Streets of Old Town

We suggest spending an afternoon strolling through the streets of Old Town with absolutely no plans. Enjoy sometime roaming through the little lanes and alleys and see what you stumble across. We found so many beautiful photo spots, coffee shops, flea markets and stunning fountains all just by wandering around on foot. One of our favourite things to do when visiting an old European town is seeing what we can find without planning anything and the Old Town of Nice is perfect for just that!

6. Grab a scoop of Ice cream from Azzurro

If you are a fellow ice cream lover, we recommend you head to Azzuro for a large scoop of creamy ice cream (snickers is our favourite). The reason we loved this spot so much is that they hand make their waffles cones and they are seriously just as delicious as the ice cream!

7. Take in the views from Fort du Mont Alban

If you are looking for the best view spot in all of Nice you need to head to Fort du Mont Alban. This 16th century fort is perched in the hills high above not only Nice, but also Villefranche and Cap Ferrat. To get here you can either walk here (which will take you around an hour), take the #14 bus or drive out here if you hire a NiceCar for the day.

8. Try the local Socca

If you are wanting to try some local Nice street food than you need to find some local socca. It is made from chickpea flour, olive oil and water, which is stirred together to form a batter. The mixture is then put into a large pan and heated on a fire, looking similar to a crepe.

After roaming through Old Town we ended up grabbed a plate full of socca from a busy spot called Rene Socca. We noticed a lot of French speakers lining up and thought if it’s this busy it must be good – and we were right! You have to line up to grab your plate of Socca and then take a seat at the bar, get a drink and enjoy.

9. Take a Day Trip to Monaco

Another reason we loved travelling to Nice is that there are so many amazing spots nearby you can easily visit on a day trip. If you only have time for one day trip we highly suggest heading out to Monaco. To get there you can either catch a train, or for only 1.50€ you can catch the #100 bus from the Port of Nice (the bus ride is seriously one of the most scenic bus journeys we have done).

If you want to see everything we got up to in Monaco, check out the YouTube video we filmed below.


10. Check out the luxury yachts at Port of Nice

Nice has one of the most breathtaking ports we have ever seen. Filled with luxury yachts, we suggest heading down here during lunch time and grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants that line the port as you watch the yachts sail in and out.

Where to Stay

During our 3 night stay here in Nice we checked into The Deck Hotel, located in the heart of the city, only a 5 minute walk from the Promenade des Anglais. We stayed in one of their stylish guest rooms, with a flat-screen TV, beautiful marble bathroom and all you can drink coffee!! The breakfast here is also amazing, with a choice between continental and buffet breakfast available.

We loved waking up each morning and opening up our window to the cute French streets below. Ahhh, we are missing our time in Nice already!