Travelling on a budget? Here at 10 of the cheapest countries around the world you need to travel to!

1. Malaysia

Malaysia has so much to offer besides Kuala Lumpur. Public transport is super easy to use and affordable, allowing you to easily head out to lush forests and stunning beaches. Being a central hub for most of Southeast Asia, a layover or extended trip is highly recommended especially with some of the best views coming from outside KL.

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2. Bolivia

If you’re planning a trip to South America and want to save some pennies than Bolivia is your best choice to head to. Bolivia has been a favourite spot among backpackers and adventure travellers due to the simple fact that it is very affordable to travel. The cost of eating out, staying at a budget-friendly hostel, and going out for some drinks of the town won’t break the bank.

The beauty of Bolivia is that travelling here on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on exploring and experiencing this incredible country!

3. Indonesia

With 17,000 islands to choose from, you are bound to find the exact piece of paradise that your looking for, many at an a very cheap price! From white sand beaches to rainforests and volcanoes… Indonesia is a place you have to discover a few times in a lifetime.

Bali is the main tourist hot-spot thanks to its many beaches, Balinese Hindu culture, and easy access via Denpasar International airport. However, we recommend you consider exploring other regions as well such as Lombok and Java for a less touristy experience.

4. South Africa

One of our favourite countries to travel to, South Africa makes it possible to have a safari experience (complete with the Big Five) for much more affordable price than you think. We found the food, alcohol and transportation to be well below what is expected, especially for a developed country. Spending just over 5 months in South Africa in the last 2 years, we always find ourselves extending our stay here because it’s cheaper than home.

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5. Hungary

Wanting to travel to Europe on a budget? Than you need to head to Hungary! Budapest is known to be the party central for the younger travellers, but it’s also one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It is rich with stunning historical architecture, awe-inspiring scenery and famed thermal baths. If you leave the cities you will find green hills and quaint villages – okay, we want to book a flight here pronto!

6. Cambodia

Having beds for as little at $4 a night, and delicious food for even less than that, Cambodia is one of those countries that are so cheap you kinda feel guilty for paying so little. Cambodia has become a popular spot for travellers heading to Southeast Asia – not only for backpackers but also for travellers that enjoy five-star luxury without the price tag.

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7. India

India seems to be the ultimate destination for budget travellers, and for good reason. There are only a few countries in the world where you can travel so far and eat so much for such a little price. If you want to have a beach holiday head to Goa, for amazing food you can’t miss the Mumbai street stalls and for that desert getaway head to the Golden City of Jaisalmer – we swear India has it all!

8. Vietnam

Luckily, still unspoilt and undeveloped, despite the increase in popularity over the past few year, Vietnam is one of the most cheapest destinations to travel to in the world. Being able to travel here on a budget, while exploring lush mountains and white sand beaches – can it get any better? You can easily get by on $15 a day, including a guest house, eating delicious local food, your transport and even a cheeky drink every now and then. A pint of Vietnam’s popular brew, Bia Hoi, costs as a little at 50 cents!

9. Prague

Another European country for the list, and one of our favourite countries we have visited in Europe, Prague is one of the cheapest capital cities to visit in Europe. You only need to spend a couple of Czech Crowns to get yourself a delicious meal, a glass of local beer and a bed to sleep in! The city itself is a beauty, crammed full of history and perfect for explorations by foot.

When beer is cheaper than water, you know you are in the right place for a party weekend.

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10. Cuba

You need to get to Cuba before everything changes – the clock is ticking! American’s still aren’t legally allowed in as tourists (but it seems like there are now ways around it), and we have a feeling as the years go by the prices will rise. It’s all about the rum, cigars, vintage cars and spending time in the sun!

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