We have just returned from an epic 10 day trip through Japan with Geckos Adventures. Japan has been at the top of Stephen’s bucket list for years and our mission was to make 2017 the year he would finally experience this unique, stunning, wonderful country!

Day 1: Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Our first stop on the trip was Tokyo, and after a long haul flight from Israel we were absolutely exhausted. We needed an easy, cheap place to spend the night before our Geckos tour starting the very next day. We had heard stories about these ‘capsule’ hotels scattered throughout Japan, where you literally sleep inside a coffin-like room.

After a quick google we came across The Prime Pod Ginza Hotel and booked it with no idea what to expect.

Our nights stay was by far the most unique we have ever experienced and our vlog below is well worth a watch to see how insane this hotel is!

Day 2: Exploring the Streets of Tokyo

Today was our first day of the tour and our first day to finally start exploring Tokyo. We woke up super hungry and ran through the rain to a doughnut shop we couldn’t stop noticing on every street corner – Mister Donut.

If you’ve been following us for a while you would know how OBSESSED we are with cheap coffee – especially our fave cheapo coffee shop Tim Hortons – and we think we have found the Japanese equivalent!

Next stop: Akihabara (aka The Anime District). The area houses thousands of shops selling every technological gadget you can imagine, from computers to gaming consoles and vacuums to DVDs, at pretty good prices. If you are a gamer or love anime and manga than this spot is worth a visit.

We decided after the chaos of anime land we should go find something a little more cultural. We headed to Senso-ji, a stunning ancient Buddhist temple. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple and was a nice contrast between the crazy streets and the calming shrines.

For lunch we jumped on the metro towards the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. It is one of the world’s largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day! We spent our afternoon walking up and down the fish filled alleyways, tasting delicious prawns, fish and octopus along the way.

To end the day we explored the colorful streets of Harajuku. Our favourite street was the crazy and crowded Takeshita Dori. This narrow alley is filled with sweet scents, cute stores and out-there clothing. Harajuku is known for its crepes, and we did plan on trying one until we saw these gigantic fairy floss sticks from Totti Candy Factory and had to get it for the photo!

Day 3: Tokyo Disney

Our last day in Tokyo was a free day, meaning we had the choice to spend the day however we wanted. Being both Disney fanatics we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Tokyo Disney!

(Embarrassing fun fact: Our goal in life is to visit every Disneyland – and we now have 3 to go)

From our hotel it was an easy 30 minute train ride to the park, and we spent the morning hanging out with two fellow Aussies on our Geckos trip who also wanted to do Disneyland. Once we arrived we basically spent the day riding on rides, eating way too much food and watching the parades until the park closed.


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Thanks to Geckos Adventure for allowing us to be apart of your ambassador program for 2017!