Are you in need of a relaxing holiday, but at times find travel itself to be super stressful? Here are 8 tips that we have found help in easing the stress of travel so you can enjoy your much needed vacation!

1. Get Travel Insurance

Making sure that you have good coverage while travelling overseas eases so much stress from any trip. Travel isn’t always smooth sailing and having that security means when things do go wrong you know you will be covered.

During our travels to Iceland last year the airline lost our luggage and we had absolutely nothing on us besides our camera for an entire week of camping. Knowing that we could go buy a warm jacket and some long pants in a very expensive country and be covered helped ease a pretty stressful situation.

We use Cover-More Travel Insurance whenever we travel.

2. Pack Light

You would think packing every single thing you may possibly need for your trip would reduce stress, but we have found that to be the complete opposite. Carrying heavy, oversized luggage around with you just adds extra stress. You will find that you don’t need half the things you bring – less is more when it comes to packing!

We recommend removing the clutter from your holiday and only bringing the essentials.

3. Arrive Early for Flights

There is nothing worse than starting off a trip rushing around the airport feeling like you are going to miss your flight. We recommend arriving for an international flight three hours before your flight. That way you can take your time checking in and going through security. Once you’re through you can relax, enjoy a coffee and walk onto the flight feeling calm and excited for your journey.

4. Plan Your Pickup

We hate the feeling of arriving in a brand new country (usually late at night) with no clue on how we are getting to our hotel. We always recommend doing research before hand on the best way to get from your arrival to your accommodation. Sometimes taxis are the way to go, other times Uber is fantastic, some countries have cheap trains that take you straight from the airport to the city center.

Do your research in advance to avoid getting lost or over paying for a transfer.

5. Download Offline Maps

Before we head to a new country or city we always download google maps offline. That way we can easily get around without needing any internet or sim card when we first arrive.

To do this open Google Maps on your phone, ensure you’re connected to the internet, search for your destination (for example Singapore), at the bottom of the screen click the name of the city in the white bar, select download.

Now you can use Google Maps in the city that you downloaded without any internet connection.

6. Bring Everything You Need For a Comfortable Flight

Packing yourself a little care package for your flight really helps ease the stress of flying. You can pack it all in a ziplock bag and keep it in the pouch in front of your seat. That way you don’t have to keep getting up into the overhead lockers to grab things – you will have everything right there with you.

We recommend packing these things to ease the stress of flying:

  • noise cancelling head phones (very important!)

  • travel toothpaste & tooth brush

  • phone or ipad with movies & games pre-downloaded

  • tissues, chapstick, makeup wipes

  • face mask

  • ear buds & eye mask

7. Use the Airport Lounge

If you are a nervous flyer we highly recommend paying the extra money to use the airport lounge. Being able to relax in the lounge while waiting for your flight can help you keep calm and be away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy airport waiting areas. Enjoy some food, have a drink (or two) and have a stress free time while waiting for your flight.

Thanks to Cover-More Travel Insurance for partnering with Flying the Nest on this post!