The day has arrived. By the time this post is live we will be on a one way flight from our home in Australia and towards the first stop on our year of full time travel, the gorgeous island of Oahu, Hawaii.

We created this site just over 4 months ago to serve as a visual representation of our story. We wanted to have a platform we could use to keep all our memories of past travels and the ones to come, through writing and photography. We wanted a place to store our collection of work, the projects we had worked on and future projects to come. We wanted a place we could save all our travel inspiration, to inspire us and others to keep going and see more of the world.

Since the day we started Flying The Nest a little community of travel enthusiasts has formed. We love connecting with our readers and making friends from around the globe that are kind enough to open up and share their ideas, travel stories and even homes with us. We love sharing our travels online through this platform, so much so that it has given us a crazy idea (and will answer that question many asked us, why is it

We gave our site the name Flying The Nest after the idiom, meaning “to leave your parents’ home for the first time in order to live somewhere else”. Finally that day has come, and we have left home, and flown to the other side of the world. As we love to document our travels and adventures on the internet, of course we want to document our first year of leaving home. This is where the crazy idea comes in to play. We will be documenting our first year leaving home, or our first year “flying the nest”, in the form of daily videos on our YouTube page.

So, if you want to follow our journey, not only through our writing and photography here on the blog, why don’t you go on over and hit that red subscribe button.


Stephen and Jess signoff