We had never experienced a lifestyle retreat…until our third time through Bali. Situated in Canggu surrounded by rice fields on the southern shores of Bali you will find The Chillhouse. We had the pleasure of staying 6 days at this Balinese retreat offering delicious organic meals, surf lessons, bike tours and relaxing yoga sessions. If you are looking for a place to unwind… we have found it.

Checking into The Chillhouse

After touching down in Bali at 12.30am you could imagine that we were pretty much ready for bed the moment we landed. Our 30 minute drive from the airport to Canggu (usually twice that time during the day, making that midnight touchdown somehow worth it) was simple and easily organised through the official airport taxis.

As we pulled up to a quiet street we were instantly greeted by hotel security who kindly grabbed our bags and took us straight to our room – knowing it was bed time for the two of us, he said we would deal with check-in in the morning, certainly the most relaxed guard we’ve come across on our travels.

The Room

We were welcomed by a large double bungalow, with a beachy simplistic vibe. Our room had a cool, outdoor bathroom with a tree growing right in the middle of the room. Trust us when we say you will embrace the outdoor shower when you feel the humidity that comes with Bali. We had our showers under the stars before diving straight into our massive king size bed ready for a good nights sleep.

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Fresh, Organic Food

Ah! The food at The Chillhouse was seriously the highlight. Everything was fresh, made of organic ingredients and contained more vegetarian and vegan options than any place we’ve ever seen. We couldn’t get enough of it. Every morning we were welcomed with smiling faces who would greet us by name and always remembered our brekkie order – 2 banana pancakes with honey and a side of hot coffee.

The lunches were light and fresh. We highly recommend trying the feta & roasted veggie wrap accompanied by a rainbow salad with a big glass of fresh juice. If you are a solo traveller the dinners were even better. At 7pm every night all guests were summoned by a gong to have a communal meal together. This was always the time we would get to know other travellers from around the world as we munched away on our buffet style dinners.

Bonus: The best bit of all is that your breakfast and dinner are included in the price!


Bike, Surf & Yoga

The Chillhouse offers a range of activities for the adrenaline junkies and to those that simply want to lounge by the pool all day long. There are surf and mountain bike options that will allow you to experience Bali’s beautiful beaches and rice field covered mountains or if you are looking to wind down you can try out a yoga class, have a massage session or sip on a coconut whilst working on your tan.


The Area of Canggu

If you are looking for a place to visit in Bali, away from the crowds of tourists and drunk Australians, then Canggu is the place for you. We were after an area that had the sea, cool beach bars, delicious restaurants and beautiful sunsets – and Canggu had it all!

We spent a couple of afternoons riding through the streets of Canggu, looking through clothing boutiques, trying different hipster cafes and of course heading to the beach to watch the surf roll in. The Chillhouse has bicycles available for no extra charge which made it super easy for us to get around and explore.


Our Final Thoughts

The Chillhouse really felt like a home away from home. Great for families, couples and solo travellers alike, we’re confident that anyone looking for a Balinese tropical retreat with plenty to do will love their stay. From the amazing service and amenities, to the insanely delicious food and abundance of activities.

You can book a Double Bungalow for AUD$200 per night or, for those solo travellers out there, a single room for AUD$100 per night. 

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was kindly invited to experience The Chillhouse. As always, all opinions are our own.