During our visit to Sydney we knew that there was one thing we had to do – experience the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. Situated just opposite the Opera house, the Harbour Bridge is an iconic image of our country and we felt it was a right of passage as an Australian to experience climbing it (cue patriotic music).

However, our initial online search shocked us and we had to step back from the laptop when we saw the price of this adventure. To be honest, it is a lot of money – coming in at $532 for 2 climbers and a USB full of photographs… we were hesitant due to currently still studying at University. We had to weigh up the tour price with our holiday budget and then decide if this experience would create a lifelong memory.

As I am sure you can tell, we came to the conclusion that climbing the arches of one of the most iconic bridges in the world over a stunning harbour was a story we wanted to share.

A picture of 2 people Climbing the harbour bridge

I told them to get my good angle, instead they got my Sideshow Bob angle – Stephen

Every one of those dollars spent was well worth the price. It truly was fascinating to climb through the steeled arches of the bridge whilst hearing stories of its 10 year construction as we slowly rose above Sydney. Once we reached the top of the bridge we realised just how much the view was truly worth it.

This is always our number one activity that we recommend to friends and family members and we are definitely recommending you make the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb experience apart of your adventure to Sydney.

A picture of 2 people Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

A icture of 2 people Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Tour Details:

Price: $228 each

Bonus Price: $75.95 for USB filled with 8 photographs

Tour time: 2-3 hours

Booking: Online at Sydney Harbour Bridge climb experience

What to do after: Head to Pancakes at the rocks for the best tasting pancakes in all of Sydney.

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Stephen and Jess signoff

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