Today is my birthday.

I remember how old I felt when I turned 20 and I quickly reassured myself that you’re not old until you hit the bump in your 20s, luckily for me I have one year left till I hit the bump, the bump that is 25. This year will include quite a few changes for me, enough changes that I have written a list of accomplishments (not New Years resolutions) that I hope to achieve before my 25th year of living on this earth.

Achievements So Far

I am grateful and happy for what I have achieved in the 24 years that follow behind me, I got my degree – two degrees in fact, studied my passion of film and immigrated from South Africa to Australia. I became engaged to my beautiful fiancé, travelled to 13 countries and directed two television commercials. I have had few regrets in my life and can generally say I am a very happy with all the big and small achievements in my life.

Achievements For The Next Year

1.  Utilise My Passion for Photography and Film

I have a strong passion for capturing the world let it be still or moving images. I strive to have a 90/10 split here on Flying the Nest with 90% being photographs personally taken and 10% being for places we are yet to explore. Now that I have a platform where I can share and discuss my work, starting in February next year when we leave to Canada I hope to release a video log/short film once a week and continue to update my Instagram alongside our photo diaries right here.

2. Live Healthier

Late nights finishing essays and reports meant lots of comfort food, caffeine and way to many Red Bulls. Now that I am out of this cycle I hope to eat healthier, go for runs and surround myself by less negative people which are all aspects of living healthier. I want to improve on strong friendships, create new ones and make sure I Skype my parents at least once a week.

3. Travel More

I know this is expected as you are on our blog, but I live to travel and I hope to travel more. There is so much out there we haven’t seen or heard of, Europe is a continent I have only ever been on when I was 2 years old which is ridiculous!

4. Follow Dreams

Up until this point life has been laid out in front of me. Study, work, sleep, repeat. This will be the first time where I can runaway and follow my dreams and I hope to do more of this.

5. ________________

Go off the beaten track, do what’s not told, fill in the blanks and write a chapter of life worth sharing.

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read this personal post, I really appreciate everyone one of you – Stephen.

Stephen and Jess signoff


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