For any of you that have been to Los Angeles, you would of had the experience walking down Hollywood Boulevard and suddenly getting bombarded with tour companies wanting to take you to see “the stars like you’ve never seen them before”. I know deep down we all want to take a sneak peak into a celebrities life. We are all curious of where they eat, sleep and walk their dogs (even if we don’t all admit it), however we were not so keen on the idea of riding around in a roofless bus with celebrity tours splatted on the sides driving down beverly hills as if we were on safari. This is why Elite Adventure Tours was the perfect way for us to see LA.

We were picked up from our apartment in a luxurious, black, tinted SUV and greeted by Paul, our driver, tour guide and photographer for the day. We felt like we were the celebrities as we popped open a bottle of champagne, sat back in our comfortable leather seats and were taken around Los Angeles in style.

First stop was the Hollywood Sign. Paul took us to a secret spot, closer to the sign than we ever thought we could get! We tried hiking to the sign and riding on horseback to the sign, but nothing compared to the view we were taken to on this tour!

elite adventures

elite adventures


We drove past the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre and the famous hands in cement, all from the comfort of our private SUV. The great part about the tour is that it was customisable to our needs. As we had already seen parts of LA already he was happy to add extra time to new areas we were eager to explore.

We went celebrity spotting passed famous restaurants and cafes, drove through Beverly Hills until we finally reached the place we had been waiting for – Bel Air.

elite adventures

elite adventures


This was our favourite part of the tour. We visited some of our favourite celebrities homes, alive and deceased, as our guide told us stories of the scandals and stories that have happened within the famous streets of Bel Air. Many photos were taken, however I don’t want to reveal who lives where, so lets just say we saw the humble abodes of movie stars, Disney stars, rock stars, playboys and even presidents.







To end our evening we drove out to Santa Monica Pier to watch the sunset. It was the perfect end to an amazing tour.




When we travel we go all out on flights and fancy hotels. Why not also see the place you have travelled all that way for in style too?

Tour price: $175 per hr (not per person) for a private custom tour up to 6 people with Elite Adventure Tours.

The tour may seem pricey at first, however after doing the math that comes to $30 per person per hour if you have a group of 6 travelling with you.

Want to see more? As always, we filmed our experience and popped it up on YouTube!


What’s the most luxurious tour you have ever been on?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Many thanks to Elite Adventure Tours for hosting us for the day. As always, all opinions are our own.


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