During our recent trip to The Maldives we had the incredible opportunity to experience one of the Maldives most luxurious and newest resorts – Soneva Jani. This was an experience of a life time and one we are still pinching ourselves over to this day.

When we returned home all we wanted to do was put together our thoughts and share with you our experience as we cannot wait to take you along and show you what it’s like to stay at one of the most luxurious overwater bungalow in the world!

The Arrival

Upon arrival in Male we were greeted by a smiling Maldivian who happily checked in our bags, swooped us away to the water airport and before we knew it we were flying high above crystal blue waters in our seaplane.

The 40 minute seaplane transfer to Soneva Jani is absolutely breathtaking, and an experience one must do when here. The plane flies quite low over the Indian Ocean, offering an amazing view of the atolls and the tiny islands, turquoise lagoons and sapphire blue ocean below.

The reason we keep smiling is that every step of the way is an experience in itself and a phrase you are more than likely going to hear a few times today.

Landing at Soneva Jani International Airport is an experience in itself – it has got to be one of the smallest airports we have literally ever landed at! Made up of a small wooden floating deck just off the island’s shores, you are collected by speedboat, shoes are placed into a linen bag (they have a no news, no shoes policy, which we loved) and then whisked away to honestly the most incredible resort you will ever see.

Checking In: Soneva Jani First Impressions

It’s less of a check in and more of an experience.

Before we even stepped foot in The Maldives, the Soneva Experience began about 2 weeks prior to our departure. We received an email a couple of weeks ago asking us some important questions to make our stay that much more enjoyable.

This 10+ page survey wanted to know our preferred scent, favourite music artist, a movie must have and even which scoops of ice cream we preferred – these were just a few options on the questionnaire. When we arrived at our villa our favourite movie was ready for viewing and lavender scented shampoo was patiently waiting in the shower for use that night. The attention to detail is one we have never experienced before.

The moment we stepped into the resort we had coconuts in one hand and were greeted to our very own personal butler – called Mr Friday. He escorted us onto the back of his buggy and after a quick tour of the resort we were dropped in front of our very own over water bungalow – smoothest check in ever!

The Most Luxurious Overwater Bungalow

Our bungalow was one of Soneva Jani’s lowest category villas, a one bedroom water retreat, which don’t get me wrong, is no negative in any way – this villa was bigger than any 5 star suite we have stayed in.

Villas go from one bedroom water retreats up to 4 bedroom water reserves.

OK, we need to take a big breath before we to tell you everything that was included!

*breath in*… Our two storey over water villa came with its own 13m long private pool, a huge outdoor deck, a spacious master bedroom and children’s sleeping area, a kitchenette, study, walk-in wardrobe, and living room with a cool sunken seating area – but that’s not all… *breath out*

We also had a gorgeous open-air bathroom featuring a huge bathtub, two showers and a private entry way into the lagoon. The villa also had three glass-bottom areas to remind you that you are indeed sleeping above the water, and upstairs had a large dining table and beautiful views of the resort.

Honestly, no words can describe just how cool this place looks, let us show you some photos and you will get the hint.

That Roof!

Bit confused? You thought the room tour was over? Why are we talking about a roof?

We have kept the best bit for last! All villas at Soneva Jani feature a retractable roof in the master bedroom. The roof opens up at the touch of a button so you can lie in bed and either lounge in the sun or gaze up at the stars.

You may have the same question we had – what about when it rains? There is no need to worry, since sensors detect an on-coming shower and automatically closes the roof!

Just look at the magical button, its beckoning you to push it!

Food, Glorious Food

The food at every Soneva resort is absolutely delicious. All meals we tried, be it in-room dining, buffet breakfast or an intimate dinner on the beach, were all at the hightest quality and presentation. You may want to check out our vlogs for mouth drooling examples of what we ate.

One of our favourite things about the Soneva resorts is their chocolate & ice cream parlour, yes you don’t need to re-read that sentence. There are chocolate and ice-cream rooms that are unlimited!

Each room is open from 12pm till late night and complimentary to all guests. You can choose from over sixty constantly changing flavours of homemade ice creams and sorbets and indulge in every child’s dream of never-ending chocolate – the diet can start once you leave, trust us no calories count here.

All The Extras: Water Slides, Hammocks & an Outdoor Cinema!

Getting Around

Soneva Jani is one of the largest resort’s in the Maldives, and therefore the resort has come up with two really fun ways to get around. One being a buggy service available 24 hours a day, and the second is that guests are provided with bicycles to get around the snaking jetty that connects to the main island. On the main island is where you will find the cinema, tennis courts & pristine beaches.

Cinema Paradiso

Soneva Jani features the Maldives’ first ever overwater silent cinema. Here, you can relax on comfortable loungers under the stars and snack on freshly popped popcorn, while you are provided with Bluetooth headphones, leaving the surrounding nesting turtles and wildlife at peace. Twice a week there is a movie selection for both children and adults, and private screenings and dining experiences can be arranged at an extra cost.

The Waterslides

Some of the villas feature a huge water slide from the second floor straight into the Indian Ocean, however if you are like us and didn’t get that feature there is a waterslide for anyway to use located at the top floor of The Gathering (where you will find restaurants and the famous chocolate and ice-cream room).

Our Experience

As always we film everything we get up to on our travel adventures. If you want to see a room and hotel tour and also what we got up to – check out our video below and make sure you head on over and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You can book a One Bedroom Water Retreat from AUD$3100 per night.

Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest of Soneva Jani, however as always all opinions are our own.