Skydiving has been at the top of my bucket list for the longest time – Jess on the other hand, not so much. Heights have never been her thing – but as the years have gone by I slowly persuaded her to parasail and paraglide, so why not take it to the next level and skydive?

We will admit that we were nervous when considering doing this but ultimately booked the ticket so that in the future if we were ever feeling nervous we could say to ourselves…”this is nothing – you jumped out of a plane”. Luckily Jess said yes because it was by far the best experience of our lives – and we wouldn’t have done it anywhere other then SkyDive Dubai.

A picture of someone skydiving in dubai

Skydive Dubai

Ok, let’s just get something off our chests, the main reason we wanted to skydive here was not from a top skydiving list or friend recommendation… it was simply because whilst I was working and selling mobile phones to fund our travels I saw a Flo Rida video clip where he skydived in Dubai. I instantly knew that’s where I wanted to jump out of a plane for the first time… who says sponsored content doesn’t work?

We had booked the tour as the very last thing that we were going to do in Dubai – which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best idea as the possibility of cancellation due to weather could easily of destroyed our experience. The day before was even cancelled from high winds but luckily it cleared up for us the next day.


We woke up in the morning full of nerves and could only down our coffee and half a muffin as we told ourselves we needed to eat something. Even though it was a 20 minute walk to the location we decided to catch a taxi instead so we didn’t have to think too much about it on the walk over.


However, all our nerves disappeared once we walked into the office and saw travellers from all areas of the world either suiting up, leaving to go jump or laughing at their skydive video playing on a giant 100inch screen for all to see – all nerves were instantly left at the door due to the fun atmosphere this place let off.

After sitting around for about half an hour our names were called. Our instructors were introduced and before we knew it we were sitting in a small plane slowly climbing up in the air… the moment was finally here. Once we reached 14,000 feet the door opened and I watched everyone quickly shuffle out the plane, it was my turn next.

This was it, I took one last breath and then there was nothing as I quickly fell through the sky. My feet tingled as I felt the force of the fall pushing up against my face as I watched the Palm islands quickly draw closer. Before I knew it my instructor pulled some ropes and the parachute was out… I had done it.

A picture of someone Skydiving in Dubai

The view from way up high was awe-inspiring as I saw The Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, The Palm islands and other landmarks as we slowly glided down. I only wished I could take my camera with me as the view was one of the best I had ever seen as we made our way down.


Would we recommend skydiving?

If you enjoy adrenaline filled adventures then this should most definitely be on your bucket list. For those who have not been I still recommend at least considering it and working your way up to undertaking this. The worst feeling of skydiving is from your nerves, but that is easily removed once you arrive. The feeling of being on top of the world once you have done this is indescribable and we were on a high for days after.

Would we recommend SkyDive Dubai?

100% yes…this has been one of the top adventures we have undertaken and are so happy to say we did it here. If this is your first, second or hundredth skydive we cannot recommend enough for you to experience falling over the Palm in Dubai.

Where We Booked: Skydive Dubai

Price: $AUD660 Tandem Skydive at 14,000 feet including video and stills.

Have you been skydiving? If so, where?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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