After visiting the Singapore Zoo and the Singapore Zoo Night Safari I don’t think we will ever find a zoo that will beat it! When entering the zoo the first thing we see are monkeys roaming around – not in cages – and from that moment we knew it was going to be a good day. The zoo is based on the world famous “open concept”, meaning that the animals are typically not kept in “cages”, but enclosures which are made to resemble their natural habitats closely. You do not see any wire fences, rather things like moats, which ensure visitors are safe from harm.

A picture of 3 meerkats at singapore zoo

A picture of a lion at singapore zoo

Due to this unique way of displaying animals we truly felt like we had stepped into the wilderness and were seeing lions, monkeys, elephants and giraffes in their natural habitat. We were able to experiences feedings and live animal shows with no extra cost.

A picture of an Elephant in Singapore Zoo

As the sun began to set and the zoo emptied we headed over to the second animal experience, Singapore’s Night Safari. We were greeted with a fire show display which was very impressive!

Singapore Night Safari Fire breathers

We then headed over to a night-time guided tram tour. We jumped into the safari-style tram and begin to explore the zoo at night. We felt as though we were on an expedition in the wild, watching animals roaring, roaming and playing as most of these animals were nocturnal. We can not express enough how amazing the night safari was. We had never heard a lions roar until that night, seeing animals so active – one of the best things we have done whilst travelling to date!

We booked the 2-in-1 Park hopper as you save $8.00 from Night Safari.

Price: S$60.80

This was the first time we experienced anything close to a safari and an African Safari is definitely creeping to the top of our bucket list after this Singapore trip! Have you been on safari before РSingapore or in Africa?

Stephen and Jess signoff

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