A visit to the quaint town of Quedlinburg is like stepping into the pages of a child’s fairy tale storybook. Its narrow cobblestone streets are lined with over 1300 half-timbered houses, making it the town with the most half-timbered houses in the country!

Back in 1994 the town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we can see why. It has had a colourful history going back as far as the 10th century when it was ruled by King Heinrich I who is famously known as being the founder of medieval Germany.

Quedlinburg was the first stop on our Germany road trip along the fairy tale route. Here is everything you need to know when visiting this cute medieval town.

How to get to Quedlinburg

There are three ways to get to Quedlinburg from Berlin – bus, train or drive.

By car

We decided to do a week long road trip along the German Fairy Tale route, starting in Berlin. We hired our car through Drive Away Holidays which we picked up down the road from our Berlin hotel. The town is a 213km drive and took us around 3.5 hours.

By train

You can get to Quedlinburg via two trains:

  • The Deutsche Bahn service with hourly or twice-hourly connections to Magdeburg and Halle

  • The HSB service

Travelling time from Berlin to Quedlinburg by regular train via Magdeburg will take you around 3 hours.

By bus

There are some long-distance buses from and to Berlin via Magdeburg run by the company Berlin Linien Express. But the service is limited to 2-3 arrivals per week.

Old Town of Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg is best explored on foot. The most important building in the city is the Collegiate Church of St Servatius and it is not to be missed. You can get to the church by walking up the hill at the edge of town. The large terraced area at the back of the building gives you great views out over the city as well.

The town is quite small, and we loved simply walking through the tiny streets and alleys. We got lost plenty of times, but these are always the moments we find those hidden gems we never would have discovered if we didn’t go for an aimless explore.

Where to stay

We stayed at the beautiful Romantik Hotel Am Brühl. This half timbered hotel was once a former sawmill business which was restored back in 1992. The building is old and rich with history and the rooms are cozy, with shabby chic furniture and linens, and are fully equipped with contemporary outlets and electronics.

In the morning we went out into the lush courtyard for a coffee before making our way to the huge buffet breakfast – this is the perfect place to spend a night in a fairy tale town like Quedlinburg.

Where to eat

When trying to decide where to have dinner we asked for a locals advice and they told us we must go to the Brauhaus. This brewery dates back to 1807, and is a very important establishment for the town. This spot provided beer to an area of over 60km and they are still making a style of beer that dates back years and years.

We went for a vegetarian dish called kartoffelpizza, a pizza-type dish with a potato base with tomatoes and cheese on top – and of course we had to try some local beer. It was delicious!


A big thank you to the German Fairy Tale Route tourism board for inviting Flying The Nest to visit Germany, as always all opinions are our own.