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Growing up in Australia, there weren’t many opportunities for us to experience snow. Rather than heading to the popular Australian snow destination of Melbourne, we decided that our first experience would be in Queenstown New Zealand. When the doors of the Queenstown airport opened for us we came to the realisation that nothing had prepared us for that first gust of cold air streaming through our bodies. We immediately dropped our bags, unzipped our luggage and started pulling out jackets, beanies and gloves that we had only planned to wear whilst skiing, certainly not around the town.

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After checking into our hotel at the Hilton Queenstown Resort and Spa we headed to the town of Queenstown and decided the day was way too nice to eat breakfast inside. Opting to eat on the riverside, the lovely café staff switched on the heaters and wrapped us up in blankets before serving a very tasty meal that warmed our cold bodies.

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Rather than talking about our Hotel in this post we have decided to put together a review of the Hilton Queenstown Resort and Spa, which will be posted a bit later. Make sure you check back on our review as it as it is still one of the best resorts we have stayed in to date.

During our trip we insisted on visiting both popular mountains in the region. One day we headed to Coronet Peak to go skiing and the other was a day out at The Remarkables for snowboarding.

We could finally touch, taste and play in snow… and yes we attempted to make a snowman which for some reason everyone we show the picture too thinks we buried Jess (Note: for the record we did not bury Jess).

A picture of a snowman in New ZealandA picture of a boy snowboarding in the remarkables in new zealand

A picture of a girl holding a snowboard in queenstown

Saying we were excited would be an understatement …

A picture 2 people jumping on top of Coronet Peak in New Zealand

Whilst exploring the little town of Queenstown we came across a gondola ride that took us way above the town. The view was stunning and we recommend doing it as it’s the best and cheapest way to overlook the town. However we were more amazed with the hot chocolates made by a little cafe- best hot chocolates we have ever had!

A picture of the view of queenstown

A picture of a girl drinking a hot chocolate

A picture of a boy drinking a hot chocolate

New Zealand is truly a beautiful place and we are so grateful that we were able to share this first snow experience with Queenstown. We recommend walking a long the Wakatipu Lake as there are magical hidden gems on the way.

A picture of Lake wakatipu

Want to see a video of our experience? Bare with us as it is the first video we had ever edited.

Where was your first snow experience? Leave a comment below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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