We’re in Egypt!

We are so excited to be taking you all along on this two week adventure through Egypt with On The Go Tours . First stop… the Pyramids of Giza. Visiting the pyramids has been a bucket list moment of ours since we were kids. This is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world, and were built over 4000 years ago!

Here is our guide on how to visit the Pyramids of Giza.

How to get there?

We were travelling through Egypt on a guided tour with On The Go Tours, which includes a tour of the pyramids. We woke up early to beat the heat and took our own private bus from Cairo to the pyramids.

If you are doing the pyramids on your own we highly recommend Uber. It’s the safest and easiest way to get there and will only cost you around 130 EGP ($10 AUD) each way if you are staying in Cairo.

How much to get in?

The general admission to get inside the complex is 120 EGP ($9 AUD). To go inside the Great Pyramid it will cost you 300 EGP and to go inside the 2nd or the 3rd it is 60 EGP.

Just a heads up, the pyramids are completely empty, so if you did want to save a little money we recommend opting for the cheaper alternative and go inside the 2nd pyramid. It was an incredible experience, plus being able to say we have walked inside a pyramid is pretty amazing!

What to wear?

You will need a good pair of sneakers or comfortable closed in shoes.

Respectful clothing as Egypt is mainly a Muslim country, so we suggest being to be a bit more conservative. However, it is a very touristy destination so we think the dress code is a little more lenient here.

There is no shade here, except for if you go inside the pyramids, so make sure you bring a hat, sunglasses and apply a lot of sunscreen.

It is also handy to bring a small backpack where you can store water, your camera etc.

How to get around?

The Pyramids of Giza is a very large complex. You can walk from place to place but make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen because the heat here in Egypt is real!

As we were visiting with On The Go, our bus actually drove us from site site which was really nice. Being able to get out of the sun for a while between exploring was very much needed.

If you are visiting on your own you can also get around on camel, horse or carriage – BUT please see for yourself if there are any signs of neglect or mistreatment before you pay to ride.

Do you need a guide?

We highly recommend going on a guided tour during your visit. We of course had our On The Go tour guide with us who has studied egyptology and shared with us the history & importance about each site we visited.

It was also really nice having an Egyptian guide with us for those moments when we were bombarded with people trying to sell us stuff. If we ever felt to overwhelmed our guide would be always be there to help.

What to see?

Great Pyramid of Khufu: the largest pyramid in the complex and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Pyramid of Kharfe: slightly smaller than the pyramid of Khufu

The Great Sphinx: the famous lion with the human head

Pyramid of Snefuru: the first pyramid

Pyramid of Menkaure: the smallest pyramid in the complex

Please note: Climbing the pyramids is now illegal. We did see people paying off the guards to be able to climb, but it’s damaging to the pyramids and can be very dangerous.

Can you go inside the pyramids?

Yes you can! We decided to go inside the 2nd pyramid and even though it was bare, with nothing left inside, it was still a very unique experience! We had to walk down through a small passage (warning for anyone who doesn’t like small, enclosed spaces) until we made it to one of the burial chambers.

How to see the Sphinx?

The Sphinx, which is said to be made in the image of Pharaoh Khafre guarding the Pharaoh’s pyramid, is a must see!

There are two spots to see the Sphinx. One is the side entrance which you can enter showing your ticket you already purchased at the entrance fee. This gives you a up close look at the side profile of the Sphinx. The other way to see it is from the front which doesn’t need any ticket, but you can’t get close up from this spot.

The Sound & Light Show

Every night once the sun has set their is a Sound & Light Show at the pyramids. The show hasn’t changed for over 20 years, so it is a little dated. We decided to check it out on the day we arrived in Egypt. We really wanted to have our first experience seeing the pyramids at sunset so it was a nice way to watch the sunset, while also hearing the stories of the pyramids in a unique way.

The show cost us 440 EGP.


A big thank you to On The Go Tours for inviting Flying The Nest to visit Egypt and sponsoring this incredible trip, as always all opinions are our own.