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Singapore – an island, country and city – it’s a land of futuristic architecture, modern culture and delicious food. Singapore is known for being a world of businesses and exclusive shops, so it may be hard to budget for when you are wanting to spend a few days. We kept our stay short & sweet and accepted that splurging a little would mean getting more out of our time there. These are the our recommendations for places to visit in Singapore, based on the itinerary we experienced during three days in this amazing country.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

This was definitely our biggest expense on the trip. Once we saw the view of the Singapore skyline 200m up from the world’s longest elevated infinity pool, the money was well worth it – a place you can seriously cross off your bucket list. If you aren’t planning to stay at the hotel you can pay a fee to head to the Skypark to experience the view. We discuss in-depth about our stay at in our Marina Bay Sands Review .

Travel Tip: Every night there is a free Light and Water Show in front of the hotel (8pm and 930pm with a bonus 11pm show on Sat/Sun) that goes for around 15 minutes.

$AUD500 per room per night.

3 Days in Singapore Photo
[The Marina Bay Sands towers over you]

3 Days in Singapore Photo

 [The famous infinity pool at night, unfortunately only available to guests of the hotel]

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari: The Best Zoo in the World

We highly recommend dedicating a full day to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, a huge park complex home to over 2,800 animals. Yes we know it takes up one of your three days but trust us, we had free ranging monkeys swinging through trees above our heads, watched a white tiger feeding and experienced the only night safari in the world. Singapore Zoo is by far the best zoo we have ever been to date and certainly one of the top places to visit in Singapore.

2-in-1 park hopper (Singapore Zoo and Night Safari) $AUD55 per person.

3 Days in Singapore Photo

 [Lots of shows throughout the day including this one in the Elephant enclosure]

3 Days in Singapore Photo

[Before entering the Night Safari you get treated to a fire show spectacular]

Gardens by the Bay

Visiting the Gardens by the Bay was like stepping into Pandora from the movie Avatar, and the best part – it’s free. Wandering through the Supertree Grove at night was a sight to see with vertical gardens standing 16 storeys above you. Sit and watch as they illuminate, transforming the area into an enchanted rainforest.

We also recommend you head over to the two conservatories based inside the Gardens by the Bay. You can pick up a two tour pass for $24 and that will give you entrance into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forrest. When Stephen headed to Singapore the previous year for a study tour, he happened to accidentally stumble across Cloud Forrest and was blown away.

Travel Tip: Go to the Flower Dome first, the breathtaking entrance of the Cloud Forrest is quite hard to top and may lessen your experience of the Flower Dome if you go to it after.

Gardens by the Bay Price: Free

Two Conservatories (Cloud Forrest and Flower Dome): $AUD24 per person.

3 Days in Singapore Photo

[Gardens by the Bay at night]

3 Days in Singapore Photo

 [The entrance to Cloud Forrest]

Shopping and Science

The Marina Bay Sands complex also houses a huge shopping mall where you can browse through Chanel handbags, fine jewellery and taste delicate Asian cuisine. We found the shopping centre to be very unique as you could take a gondola ride right through the middle of the complex, or even go ice skating. When you arrive make sure you check out the Louis Vuitton Island store just outside.

A picture of Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center Gondola

[Though not free, it was quite an interesting story to say we went on a water gondola in a shopping center]

3 Days in Singapore Photo

[Louis Vitton island store]

Follow signs through the retail maze and you’ll find yourself at a promenade where you can stop for a coffee before heading into the beautifully shaped Art Science museum for an afternoon of dinosaurs and incredible photography. There are seasonal exhibits that utilise different parts of the orchard designed building, Stephen saw the Harry Potter Exhibit during his first visit and we both saw a dinosaur exhibit during our stay. Check ahead of time to see what will be playing when you arrive.

Price: $AUD20 per person (For this particular exhibit, prices may vary for different events)

3 Days in Singapore Photo

Universal Studios Day Pass: $AUD112

3 Days in Singapore Photo

3 Days in Singapore Photo

Phew! as you can see, three days is more than enough to have a jam-packed, fun filled holiday in Singapore. Have you been to Singapore? What would you add to our itinerary? If not, what do you want to do? Leave a comment below, Tweet us or leave us a post on Facebook.

      Stephen and Jess signoff

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