When sharing stories about our travels around the Caribbean we seem to always come back to the time we had a pirate party in Barbados. Our day included snorkelling at a shipwreck, sun tanning, dancing and plenty of local rum.

After exploring the small town of Barbados we took a short bus ride from the cruise terminal which lead us to a local dock. There we boarded the MV Harbour Master which was 100ft long and had 4 levels of flat area – was all this space a premise for what would happen later that afternoon?

Snorkelling at a Shipwreck

Our cruise around the beautiful Eastern Caribbean island of Barbados lead us to an old sunken shipwreck. Shipwreck snorkelling was a first for both of us and we vowed that one day learn how to scuba dive so that we can return to go deeper under the ocean to witness these destroyed ships at a closer look.

As our Barbados journey continued we stopped off at Carlisle Bay for cocktails, coconuts, music and sun catching. It took around 45 minutes to get out to the location so during that time Jessica got her hair braided to prepare for the party later that afternoon. As you should not drink alcohol before snorkelling, it was the sun going down that would bring us the long awaited pirate party.

Unlimited Rum

The pirate flag was raised, the bar bell was rung and the rum started to flow. Conga lines were formed and the rest of the afternoon was a blur. No matter how tired you were from the long day of sun and snorkelling, the crew were there getting everyone hyped up and drunk on local rum. Still till this day I can not taste, let along smell rum!

Price: $50 per person + unlimited rum

Time: 5 Hours

Booking: We booked through the concierge on the cruise and used Harbour Master Cruises, when looking around to find a link to their website it looks like a few months after we used them they have moved out of Barbados and headed to Trinidad and Tobago.

Does a pirate party sound fun to you? Have you been on one? Leave a comment below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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