There’s only a few things in a friendship as exciting as your closest mates taking the plunge and moving into their very own home. It’s second to the first person in your group getting their car license, you will always remember getting that taste of freedom, being able to go anywhere without relying on your parents Uber service.

Picture that feeling, but now you have a space you can go to for Sunday morning pancakes, late night board game sessions and a place you dare call your home away from home. We aren’t discounting your love for your parents, but you know, you need that space with just your friends.

A housewarming party to celebrate was in order and we all know with parties come housewarming gifts. So what could we possibly get them?

A succulent?… that’s unwanted responsibility.

A bedspread?… maybe we should leave gifts for outside the bedroom.

How about something practical? Something that can make or break a room and will also stay with them for an extended period of time. Because secretly inside you want them to never ever get rid of your presents. Ever.

What’s the best housewarming gift?

In all honesty the best housewarming gift fills in a gap, a need. Play it by ear, ask a few questions to see what is missing from making their new house a home.

Over some amazing blueberry pancakes we were chatting about their new unit and what was missing to making it perfect. The biggest topic we chatted about was finishing off their open plan lounge room.

White walls, wooden floors, a three-seater grey pull out couch, a beautiful statement clock, wooden dining room table, white tv cabinet and splashes of green throughout the room was already the perfect simplistic solution to their room, but something was missing.

In all honesty, when we finally move out all I can imagine is our first 3 months being broke from buying a new big screen TV, a couch and a dining room table – maybe with some chairs to go with it once we pay off the TV.

We personally already loved the look of their room with decked-out wooden floors, it gave the space a stylish and modern touch. We all agreed that having bare wooden floor boards gave off the feeling of not being complete. At times, this set up can make the space feel un-homely and cold.

Complete the look with a rug!

A rug is our biggest tip in 2017 we can give you to completing a room. It takes your first home from “got everything on special at IKEA” to “hey, you really have your house and life in order”.

The team over at Carpet Call loved our idea of a rugs gift and were super willing to help us out with our housewarming present. Of course it was Ashley & Heidi’s new home and everyone has their own style, so we let them know ahead of time and gave them the freedom to decide on what rug to go with.

The Links Modern rug was their first choice and it was probably a good thing we let them decide as the two elements of wooden flooring and the linked woollen rug was the perfect finishing touch to their already stunning room.

This was all done without stepping into a store as they did all their shopping for the rugs online.

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was generously gifted this rug by Carpet Call Australia who made all this possible so a huge thank you to them!!