paragliding in queenstown, new zealand

Back in 2012, during our winter holiday in New Zealand, we experienced the amazing rush of paragliding in Queenstown. If you haven’t heard of it, paragliding is simply running off the face of a mountain with a parachute strapped to your back. Sounds dangerous, yet exhilarating doesn’t it? Trust us, its the latter of the two.

We had previously been parasailing in Bali and in The Caribbean where you parachute through the air whilst being attached to a speed boat. We felt it was time to up the anti and try out something a bit higher and thrilling. We think we chose the perfect location to experience our first paraglide. Leaving from Queenstown we were taken to Coronet Peak where we hopped on the chairlift to take us to the summit of the Mountain. As we got higher the nerves started to kick in and before we knew it we were attached to our tandem pilot and running towards the edge of the mountain.

Paragliding in Zealand Photo

It was a crazy feeling running until there was no longer ground below your feet. After take off the views were breathtaking. Cruising high above the snow covered pine forest below and surrounded by mountains – the best way to experience the beauty of New Zealand.

Paragliding in Zealand Photo

Having a weak stomach, I opted for the smooth, slow flight through the air and a graceful landing in the paddock below. Stephen on the other hand chose a more thrilling experience and began defying the laws of physics with sharp turns and stomach dropping twist manoeuvres. We love how they tailored the experience to our needs.

Paragliding in Zealand Photo

We booked our experience with Tandem Paragliding.

Price: Tandem flight costs $189 in Summer and $210 + $20 for the chair lift pass in the Winter- includes digital photos and transportation to and from Queenstown.
Height: In winter it’s a 5,400 foot take off atop Coronet Peak as the ski lift can be accessed. In summer it’s a 3,800 foot take off from the launch point.
Time: Allow about two hours for the entire experience, the flight itself lasts about 25 minutes.

Have you ever been paragliding? If not, would you do it? And if yes, where did you paraglide? Leave a comment below, Tweet us or leave us a post on Facebook.

        Stephen and Jess signoff

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