First of all we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for supporting our very first launch last month! We had no idea that so many of you are absolutely incredible humans! So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that picked up something from our first ever merch release! We have featured your photographs that you sent us in the latest vlog, so make sure you go check it out and leave us a comment if you spot yourself 🙂

That brings us to the news! We have taken your feedback from the first launch (more colours and mugs!!) so this round is focusing on our obsession with coffee!

If you remember our recent Europe vlogs, Stephen had a little saying “The Day Doesn’t Begin Until the Coffee Is In” and it just stuck, we use it every morning, because it’s true – let me get my cup of joe in before the day starts!

If you guys pick anything up, please let us know and send us a photograph when you get it 🙂

This limited edition round will go for 2 weeks!

Come say hi in the latest vlog!

Lots and lots of love

Stephen & Jess

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