Why Visit Table Mountain?

When you are flying into Cape Town you are greeted with a spectacular mountain right near the ocean. When you drive to your hotel from the airport you are engulfed by this table shaped goliath. No matter what you do on your visit there it will be, beckoning you to climb it.

It’s obviously the number 1 attraction to visit in Cape Town for a reason, the views at the top are unbelievable. It doesn’t take long to walk around the mountain, so ensure that you do to get panoramic views of the city, Lions Head, the Twelve Apostles and the beautiful beaches below.



How To Visit?

There are multiple ways that you can visit this new 7th wonder of the natural world, and it all depends on how adventurous you are feeling. The choice is between a 2.5 hour hike or a 5 minute cable car ride…

Choice 1: Hike It

There are multiple hikes that you can do, each with varying time and difficulty levels. The most popular options is the Platteklip to upper cableway station as it provides the most direct route. Expect a tough 3km hike to the top and depending on your fitness level it should take between 1 and 3 hours.

If you feel like you are up for the challenge and you want to claim you have been right to the top, continue your walk from the upper cableway station to Maclear’s Beacon. This should add about an extra 1 hour (each way) to your trip.

Note: You can hike down Table mountain if you wish or you can purchase a one-way return ticket (R125) for the Aerial Cable Car.


Choice 2: Table Mountain Aerial Cable Car

No matter which way you choose, wether you took the easy route like we did you will still receive the same incredible views at the top. The Aerial Cable Car (R240 return pp) is certainly the more popular and easier route, however don’t expect just your standard ride to the top.

The aerial cable car has rotating floors which means every single passenger will receive a 360 degree view of the trip to the top. Someone pushed in front of you to get the open window spot? Just sit back, relax and watch their reaction as they slowly move away from it.


What to do when you get to the top?

  • Of course you need to go for a walk around the mountain to get a full panoramic view of Cape Town
  • Go for a longer hike along the Dassie Walk (views of North, South & West), the Agama Walk (views of Cape Town and Cape Peninsula) or the Klipspringer Walk to go to the edge of plateau.
  • Enjoy a free guided walk between 9am and 3pm.
  • If you forgot to pack a lunch – don’t worry there is a cafe at the top (and bottom).



When we say that your visit to Cape Town will not be complete unless you get to the top of this natural wonder, you will believe us when you arrive.

Where is a place in your hometown that is a must do?

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was provided with tickets to experience Table Mountain courtesy of Cape Town Tourism, however as always, our opinions are our own.