So you are thinking of moving abroad? From previous experience we can definitely say there is a quite a bit of organising to do before you jump on that plane.

Here is our moving abroad checklist we used to help relocate overseas. We suggest you take a browse to help make your move as smooth as possible.

1. Start researching your new destination. Our city of choice was Vancouver and we had hundreds of questions we wanted answered. Start thinking about what area should you move to? What is the climate like? Where is the best place to shop? Where is the best place to eat? I am sure you have many questions that you can easily find the answers to with a little bit of googling.

2. Ensure your passport is up-to-date and not expiring soon.

3. Start going through all your stuff. What will you take with you and what will you leave behind?

4. Organise your visa. We explain the visa process in detail for our move to Vancouver here.

5. Organise your health insurance. Many countries wont let you in unless you have health insurance organised during the duration of your time abroad. We suggest checking out World Nomads.

6. Cancel any phone plans, gym memberships, Netflix subscriptions etc.

7. Organise your mail to be re-directed to your parents. That way if any important letters are addressed to you they can let you know about it. This also helps a lot during tax time to receive all your paper work easily.

6. Do a little shop before hand. Your new home may not have some of your necessities available. In our case that was vegemite and my favourite tanning lotion.

7. Sell items you do not need (which will also help your bank account). Do you still need your car? Your fancy TV? Your 30 pairs of heels?

8. Organise yourself an international bank card. We got a Commonwealth Travel Money Card which we can easily top up online. It also has no international fees which is perfect.

9. Pack your bags, grab your passport, say goodbye to your loved ones and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Have you experienced moving abroad? What would you add to the checklist?

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