We can not believe we are already 2 months into our year of travel. It is going by so quickly we want to make sure we remember to take moments to just stop, take it all in, and appreciate where we are and what we are doing at this exact moment.

Where We Went

Seven days in San Fransisco / California

Seven days in Seattle / Washington

Fourteen days in Vancouver / Canada


Exploring the Steep Streets of San Fran. Wow, San Fransisco you really are steep!

– Bucket list moment. We finally saw the Golden Gate Bridge in real life. Unfortunately we did not see it during a foggy day (we love those Golden Gate foggy shots) but it it was still marvellous nonetheless.

– What-a-view! We took a day trip to Yosemite National Park. After having this stunning landmark as Stephens laptop background for the past year is was nice to finally change it to a photograph of Yosemite he can call his own.

– Bucket list moment #2. We saw snow fall for the very first time while exploring Mt. Rainier in Seattle.

– Why haven’t we trained it before? Going by train from Seattle to Vancouver was the best decision ever! Free wifi, sooo much leg room, no anxious Jess during take off and landing – it was amazing.

– Meetings, meetings, meetings. After a few days of exciting meetings we have got a lot planned and organised for the next month … but we shall keep those a surprise for now.

– ONE MILLION HITS. Flying The Nest has officially been viewed over 1,000,000 times! We are so grateful and appreciative of each and everyone of you reading this right now!!!

– 500 subscribers. Our daily vlog channel over on YouTube just hit 500 subscribers, if you have not yet subscribed we suggest you go check it out!



– Now what? We arrived in Vancouver and after a month of non-stop action we found ourselves sitting in our new living room not sure what to do with ourselves. We thought “we have 92 days of this?” But we shook away those thoughts, got into action and now have some VERY exciting things booked in during our time in Vancouver and we can not wait until we can share them with you.

– Money, money, money. After a few team meetings, deciding what we wanted to do after Vancouver (your guess was as good as ours) we came up with a plan, but we should of looked at our funds first. We had a moment where we decided to cut back on travel plans, but we aren’t people that like to miss out. So Jess is sprucing up the resume and going out to look for a part-time job during our short time in Vancouver – we are going to make it, we are going to make it (if we just keep thinking it, it will all work out)

The Funds

After a horrendous first month of spending, we have lowed the number (but not by much). We have realised it is WAY cheaper to live in Canada then it is in America. The dollar is much nicer for us Australians and the accommodation is about half the price. This month we ended up spending 4982.76.

To break it down for you, we spent $419.24 on flights/buses/trains (to get to the different cities), $2781.50 for accommodation, $285.38 on transportation (uber/taxi/train), $753.78 on food, $103.93 on activities, $67.81 on winter clothing, $449.65 on essentials (sim cards, toilet paper, foundation etc) and $121.47 on coffee.

We have a good feeling about month 3’s spendings as we wont be moving around too much, have quite a few tours organised and no flights to catch (as of yet).


As mentioned last month, because of the blog and our amazing readers we have had the opportunity to do some amazing activities throughout San Fransisco, Seattle and now Canada! We have also begun to make a small income from Adsense, again it is very small, but it’s something. Jess is now on the hunt for some paid work, while Stephen works on his freelance online marketing jobs.

Quick Numbers So Far…

Flights taken: 4

Kilometres travelled: 17,858

Photographs taken: 4196

Minutes of our lives uploaded to YouTube: 447

Coffee’s bought: 52

Where To Next:

For the next month we are basing ourselves in Vancouver, however we have cheeky trips here & there planned – so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for coming along on our journey of leaving home and travelling the world!

Stephen and Jess signoff


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