As I am writing this post I still have the biggest smile on my face. When Medsailors invited us to experience Croatia aboard one of their yachts for our honeymoon we honestly did not know what to expect. Depending on who you book with – on one end, yacht week in Croatia can be an 18 year old partying dream but on other end it can be a relaxing and very unique way to see the country – thankfully for us Medsailors falls into the latter.

Beyond a few cruises on giant ships with our family, we really didn’t know how this was all going to go down. None of our friends and family had ever been on this type of trip before, so going into this sailing trip was new to all of us. Spoilers, it was one of the best weeks we have had all year and p.s. watch the videos first then come back here.

First things first: Who are Medsailors?

If you are looking for a European Summer getaway filled with sun and adventure on the high seas than Medsailors is what you’re after. Owned by 3 Kiwis all with a passion for sailing, they believe the perfect sailing holiday needs to be experienced on a yacht – and we couldn’t agree more!

They currently have trips through Croatia, Greece, Turkey & Italy, most being 7 days long with a brand new route opening in the Caribbean.

Why we chose Medsailors

We were planning our honeymoon and Croatia has been a dream destination of ours ever since we fell in love with Game of Thrones (cliche’ we know). Beyond the main reason everyone is flocking to Croatia (Dubrovnik) there are still so many small towns and ports that could easily be forgotten but certainly not missed, which is why sailing the country is a great way to see a lot more of the offerings on show.

Also, we had never been on a sailing trip before so why not use Croatia as a spot to experience it.

However, the absolute main reason we went with Medsailors is because as we were on our honeymoon we wanted to find a company that wasn’t focused on the party vibes and more on the island exploration, fun in the sun, chilled out vibes – and after our trip we can guarantee you that this pretty much sums up our Medsailors experience.

Our Route

For Croatia, Medsailors has two routes: Discovery or Voyager.

Discovery [the one we did]: Starts and finishes in Split with an optional private transfer to Dubrovnik for an additional fee. Destinations include Sesula, Vis, Gradina Bay, Hvar, Stari Grad and Bol.

Voyager: Starts in Split and ends in Dubrovnik (or vice versa). Destinations include Sesula, Hvar, Vela Luka, Korcula, Mljet and Sipan.

We opted for the Discovery route as you spend less time sailing, and more time exploring each location. For those wanting a more leisurely and relaxed trip than the Voyager route is more suited for you. If you are worried about missing out on Dubrovnik, don’t stress the optional transfer is cheap and easy – plus you will want a few extra days to explore – rather than having it as a port stop.

Things to Know

What to Pack

Basically the summer essentials. Swimming gear and towel, summer clothes and flip-flops in preferably a soft bag. The less you pack, the more room you will have in your cabin, making for a much more comfortable trip. We did bring a large hard case, but it was one case between the two of us which we found easy to store away.

Visas & Insurance

It’s always a safe bet to check if you need a visa when travelling to any foreign country. Just head over to Travisa to see if you need one a tourist visa for Croatia. For us Aussies we just got free Visa-on-Arrival for 90 days. We also highly recommend purchasing travel insurance. We suggest using World Nomads for a good price.

Cash & Power

Two things we weren’t sure we would have easy access to was ATM’s and electricity – but we were pleasantly surprised. ATM’s were very easy to come by, there was one at pretty much every port we visited. The local currency is Croatian Kuna.

If you are wanting to use the power adapter (to charge laptops, cameras etc.) you do need to be in port but we were at powered ports every second night. We felt like this only applied to us as we had so much camera gear but for everyone else you can charge phones in the yacht using your USB cable connected to a port or not.

The Yachts

Our favourite part about the entire experience would have to be the yachts! The fact Medsailors have modern sailing boats, rather than motor cruises allowing us to have the authentic sailing experience was a win in our books!

Medsailors currently has three types of yachts: The Premier, The Premier Plus and The Catamaran.

Each yacht can accommodate between eight and nine people and sail in flotillas of five to eight yachts. On board, you’ll find a fridge (and you’re welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks along with you), a kitchen, two bathrooms, a communal lounge and double cabins with either bunk or double beds.

As it was our honeymoon we opted for the Catamaran – best.decision.ever! It was spacious and modern, with large living areas, and a huge sunbathing deck with nets to chill out on. If you can afford the splurge and upgrade to the Catamaran we HIGHLY recommend it!

What does a Sailing Trip like this Cost?

Depending on the time of year you go and type of yacht you choose, the Croatia Discovery route will cost you between £480 ($780AUD) to £730 ($1200AUD).

What’s included?

  • Seven days’ accommodation on board your own yacht

  • Breakfast and lunch every day

  • Drinking water on board

  • Opportunity to learn how to sail

  • Free use of the Paddleboards on board

  • Discounted day trips, scooter and car hire


So in terms of what else you need to cover;

  • Flights, travel insurance
  • Additional activities (Wine tour and island tour and Bol watersports)
  • Evening meals We spent about $25AUD each a day on food (but that was us being quite strict, as food in Croatia is quite expensive). so maybe budget around $40AUD just to be safe
  • Personal costs

The People: Our Catamaran Family

No matter what people say, the group that you’ll be living in close quarters with for an entire week can make or break a trip – and we were SOO lucky with the group we had the pleasure of sailing with. We had us (the two Aussies), four best friends from New Zealand and a solo traveller from the UK, we seriously couldn’t have asked for a better group!

Our boat summed up the types of people you will find on a MedSailor trip. Most are from NZ, Australia and the UK, in their 20’s and either travelling solo, with a group or friends or as a couple. We did notice other party boats on our route, but most were there to enjoy the sun and adventure of being on a yacht.

Our skipper, Bruno, was the cherry on top! A friendly, very qualified Brazilian who knows his way around the kitchen – what more could you ask for?

The Sailing Life

There is seriously nothing better than waking up, brewing up a hot pot of coffee and sitting on the back of the boat as you say goodbye to one port and sail off to the next one. Living on a catamaran was for us the highlight of the trip.

Each morning we would set sail and spend a couple of hours cruising along the sea. This was our time to unwind from the antics of the night before – listen to some tunes, have a snooze, read a good book – just super chill. Before lunch we would find a tiny bay with crystal clear waters, put down the anchor and dive straight into the water. We highly recommend bringing some inflatables to lounge in the water. We also had a stand up paddle board and snorkel gear for when we felt a little more adventurous.

If you’re keen on learning a thing or two about sailing this trip is perfect to get to know some basics. We would take turns driving the catamaran, putting up the sails, putting down the anchor and docking up at each port!

All About The Food

The trip includes breakfast and a light lunch, both prepared by the skipper. Each morning we would wake up to a table full of cereal, yoghurt, fruit, toast, eggs – and of course a lot of coffee. For lunch, each day was different from stuffed peppers to delicious tuna salad. Bruno was an incredible cook and each meal was absolutely delicious!

For dinner, we would eat together as a family each night with the rest of our boat at a local restaurant recommended by Bruno. The food in Croatia was probably the low light of the trip for us. Croatia is very expensive, especially when it comes to food. On average we were spending $30-$40AUD on dinner, which would have been fine (we are on holiday after all), but when you pay that much for food you want to it to be a nice, tasty meals and at just about every place it wasn’t. We suggest sticking with seafood or pizza, they seemed to always be the best bet (oh, and you need to get an ice cream whenever you can!)

Thoughts on Croatia

We have both fallen head over heels for Croatia. The weather is beautiful, the beaches are stunning, the towns are breathtaking and there is so much to see & do! If you are wanting to visit Croatia we encourage you to go sooner and later, as it is becoming a more popular destination to visit every year.

What really stood out to us were the little small towns and ports that we got to see on this trip. Everyone is flocking to Croatia to see Dubrovnik, maybe Zagref and the lakes in the north. Because we were on a yacht we were able to see hidden gems most tourists don’t see. There were towns empty from tourists and we truly felt like we were getting to see how the true locals live.

Split to Dubrovnik Transfer: Highly Recommend

Trust us, a visit to Croatia is not complete without making it to Dubrovnik. As we went on the Discovery Route with MedSailors, which does not sail to Dubrovnik, we opted for the Split to Dubrovnik transfer and it was the best decision. Once our sailing trip ended a bus was waiting for us at the port in Split. 4 hours later we arrived in Dubrovnik and spent 3 nights there.

Dubrovnik is hands down our favourite place we visited during our time in Croatia. It is literally like stepping back in time into a medieval land, it’s a spot you can’t miss. While there we recommend you take the Cable Car to the top of the city for breathtaking views of the Old Town and Elaphiti Islands. You also need to wake up early to be the first to walk along the ancient city walls. They open at 8am and give you great views into the Old Town.

We filmed our entire Medsailors trip – check out our vlogs below!

Day 1-2

Day 3-4

Day 5-6

Day 7 & Dubrovnik

Stephen and Jess signoff

Thanks to Medsailors for inviting Flying The Nest to experience their Croatia Discovery Trip, as always all opinions are our own.