Paris has no shortage of cute and quirky boutiques scattered across the city, and it’s no surprise that many prefer to stay in a smaller, cosier place when visiting the most romantic city in the world. One boutique in particular that caught our eye was the Le Grand Pigalle, situated in the former red light district of Paris.

Checking into Le Grand Pigalle

Upon arrival in the reception room we instantly felt as if we had arrived in Paris. The smell of fresh coffee brewing and a selection of fresh pastries being served to both guests and non-guests of the hotel.

The reception was no more than a desk with 37 antique-style room keys beautifully aligned on the back wall. Some may want a grand entrance but we preferred having the quaint room, opening up to a local cafe. If you are after a local hotel experience in Paris, this is one of your best bets.


The Experience

It’s rare to stay at a hotel where the building itself is the experience. The beautifully adorned blue leopard print flooring leads you through the cozy space. Upon walking into your room (and past the gold pineapple) you honestly can’t help picturing all the unique finishings that will be all over your Instagram. The hotel is made to be photographed, we’ve said it before these quirky boutiques know we can’t control ourselves in these situations.

The room had rich mahogany furniture (yep we were quoting Anchorman when we realised this) situated right next to arguably our favourite feature… the giant windows that opened up to the 9th district of Paris. We may of opened them up (a few times) and sang a terrible impersonation of a frenchman to the passerby’s below.

The Area

Situated on a lively side street next to french cafes and music stores in ever-evolving South Pigalle, this was once the area of sleaze but is now buzzing with trendy bars, hip eateries and vintage stores.

If you are looking for sights you are within walking distance of both the Moulin Rouge and Sacre Couer Church, however, just a warning that this area is more open to pickpockets and thieves (from our own personal experience). We still loved our time here as we felt that we got the real Parisian experience, from artists on the side of the road to men singing their heart away to unsuspecting tourists.


Final Thoughts

Wether you are planning to stay the night to be close to the night life and surrounding sights or even to spend your whole time in Paris in the trendy part of town we can’t fault Le Grand Pigalle. This boutique was one step away from staying at a rich (hipster) locals house and if that’s your type of travel then book yourself a room.

Book the local Paris boutique experience in the Henry Monnier room at the Le Grand Pigalle Paris for AUD$427 per night. 

Stephen and Jess signoff

A big thank you to Le Grand Pigalle for allowing Flying The Nest to have this Parisian boutique experience. As always, all opinions are our own.