During our travels through Ubud, Bali we had the opportunity to visit a spice farm and coffee plantation. On our tour, the guide explained a type of coffee we had never heard of – “Kopi Luwak”. The reason this coffee is so special is that is is produced by Civet cats, yes you read that right – coffee produced by a cat.

The Civets eat the coffee beans, though they only digest the fleshy “berry” fruit that surrounds the beans. The beans are then expelled through their faeces intact, sounds enticing doesn’t it? Poop coffee may not sound tasty on paper but we were enthralled by the whole process that The Richest.com dubbed the most expensive coffee in the world.

Civet Cat

smelling coffee

The beans are then cleaned before being roasted, grounded, and brewed into coffee as per usual. The guide claimed that the Civet cat coffee is smoother and mellower than your standard cuppa joe due to the enzymes produced in the Civets stomach.

coffee beans

a picture of a man roasting coffee in bali

grounded coffee

We soon found out that back home this coffee goes for around $30 for a cup, but here in Bali we were able to sample this peculiar coffee for 50,000 Rupiah (around $5 Australian). Apart of the tour, we were given 6 other types of tea and coffee to try for no extra cost. To top it all off we also had an amazing view of the rice terraces as we tasted our tea and coffees.

banana fritters and tea

a picture of tea and coffee in bali

rice terraces in ubud bali

Even though it sounds a little disgusting, we thought the Kopi Luwak tasted delicious. We had it black with no sugar (our usual is white with 2 sugars) and thought the coffee had a rich flavour, was aromatic and smooth when drunk. Of the 6 complimentary beverages our favourite was the coconut flavoured coffee, which was a flavour we never anticipated to go well with coffee.

We were so impressed we purchased a container of Luwak beans ($25) to take home for our family and friends to try.
Tour Price: Free
Bonus Price: $5 – Cup of Kopi Luwak Coffee, $25 for 60g of Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans.
Tour Time: 30-45 minutes.
What to do after: Climb the Mount Batur, an active volcano.

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              Stephen and Jess signoff

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