My dad’s best friends of 34 years surprised him by flying over from South Africa to celebrate his 60th birthday after not seeing each other for 14 years. We needed to do something big to mark the occasion and what better than a good old Australian roadtrip – Kalbarri was our destination.

 We packed our bags, our snacks and grabbed CDs (do you remember those?) of our favourite albums from the last few years. Our destination was set and we made our way north of Perth towards our first stop, Dongora.



Rather than doing the whole 6 and a half hours in one go we decided to break up the trip and stop at the very small town of Dongora for the night. We arrived just after sunset without a clue about our surroundings.

To our surprise we had woken up on the beach, we walked out of our chalet and onto the cliffside over looking the beach. We both agreed that this was the first time that we have stayed right on the beach.


We went exploring around the little caravan park with a coffee in hand. It reminded me of when I was younger and our family holidays in outback Australia.

 The day was young and we still had 3 more hours to go, next stop Kalbarri.


Pink Lakes

Travel is not just about the destination but also the journey and coming across Pink Lake was one of those moments. This wasn’t advertised, there were no tourist stops and we even had to drive down a service road to get to it – but it was worth it to see this natural wonder.

The lakes are pink due to microscopic algae.


You never know who you will run into whilst travelling and the night that we arrived in Kalbarri my parents bumped into a local who works at the plant on the lakes and informed them that the lake was all natural and they use the salt for hair dye and other uses.


We had arrived at our destination which was in full tourist swing due to the school holidays. The local pubs were full of escaped citygoers, the BBQs were on like clockwork and everyone was burnt, resembling pink lobsters.

We decided to wake up early to watch the locals feed the pelicans, but unfortunately the weather was not very kind to us. Instead we stayed indoors till lunch until it cleared up. We grabbed the local tour guide and decided to drive around to see the natural scenery that Kalbarri offered.

Coastal Cliffs

We started our afternoon by driving up the coastal cliffs to see Island Rock, Natural Bridge and Red Bluff. They were beautiful to see but by the third cliff we had seen all that there was to see, got some snap shots and moved on towards Kalbarri National Park to see Natures Window.


Natures Window

To end our day of exploring we went down a long bumpy dirt road until arriving at one of the most beautiful natural locations we have been to in Western Australia – Natures Window. The sight was on top of a hill with a cavern of water below it. We have seen this place advertised so often in Western Australian tourism adverts that we felt very accomplished to finally see it.

 If you are driving through or heading to Kalbarri – this is one of Western Australia’s essential photographs to take.


Our weekend shortly came to an end and we each slowly left in our cars for the road trip home, the trip home always feels quicker – why is that?

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Stephen and Jess signoff

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