If you don’t know what Ted Talks are you have probably been living under a rock without free wifi for the last few years. Ted Talks can range from politics to movie directors sharing their vision right down to an entertaining take on why we need to stop using the word awesome.

The perfect thing about Ted Talks is how easily you can just put them on in the background whilst browsing the net or making yourself a snack. Got a meaningless task to complete? Why not get inspired at the same time with these top 10 Ted Talks about travel.

 1. Pico Iyers talk about where home is.

Pico starts off with a very interesting discussion about culture and how we need to get out there and explore the world, learn from other cultures and enrich our lives from travel to truly know who we are rather than using a definition given to us by where we were raised.

2. Francis Tapon’s topic is on why and how travel transforms you.

When I heard that Francis quit his project management job at Microsoft so that he could go out there and not only get to know the world but also to get to know himself, I was intrigued. At the time of the talk Francis was undertaking a three year journey through Africa with a mission of visiting all 54 countries (wow!).

3. Tony Wheeler talks about the road less travelled.

Have you heard of a little company called Lonely Planet? Have you heard of Guidebooks? Yes? Ah well Tony founded the company so you know he has the resume to warrant your attention. This light hearted video won’t give you tips on where to backpack for cheap, but instead will make you chuckle at some of Tony’s stories through his time on the road less travelled.

4. Sally Webster speaks directly to us in her talk about travel stories for young people.

We are young, most of our readers are young, so why not listen to a talk that will give us ammo to convince friends and family members to go on a holiday. Sally strongly believes that educated tourists are responsible tourists. Hear about her ideas on engaging youth with alien cultures and locates to become better travellers.

5. Roz Savage’s talk on why she is rowing across the pacific.

What is more inspirational than hearing about an adventurer who quit her job to become a rower. Hear her talk about crossing the Atlantic solo and how she won’t just stop there as she begins her next leg, the Pacific Ocean. Hear why she is doing this massive feat.

6. Piya Bose tells us about creating a career around travel.

Seeing as this is a travel blog and we notice than many of our readers have beautiful and inspiring blogs of their own (we love you guys), I decided to put in a video about travelling and making money. Hear about her story from being a corporate lawyer to a travel adventurer and getting paid to explore the world.

7. Andrew Evans talk on having an open road equals an open life.

Hear from National Geographic’s “Digital Nomad” Andrew Evan as he shares with you how he uses modern technology and tools to get out there and, well, explore the world in an old fashion way. Certainly a different take on how we use tech in travel.

8. Rick Steves discusses the importance and value of travel.

As the old travel quote goes “travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”. Rich has spent 4 months out of every year living out of a suitcase for the past 30 years. Take a moment to listen to how he values thoughtful travel with his stories from around the world.

9. JD Lewis says how to just do travel.

JD is a single dad and he takes his sons around the world to make the ultimate travel trio. Their ultimate goal is to learn, inspire and make the world a better place. What’s even more inspiring is that they have made their own foundation Twelve in Twelve which is a foundation about raising awareness so that we can help people around the world.

10. Robin Esrock talks about why you learn to travel and travel to learn.

What is more inspirational than hearing about an adventurer who gets back up after being struck down by a car whilst cycling. Robin talks about quitting his job to go out and explore the world as a solo traveller by backpacking through 24 countries.

Are there any Ted Talks or videos out there that have helped inspire you to get out there and explore the world?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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