To all our Australian readers, we know you have been there. Boarding that flight, sitting down in your economy seat and taking that deep breath in knowing that this seat is now your new home for the next 16 hours. As an Australian it is mandatory that you have the knowledge and skills to survive a long-haul flight as we are just so damn far away from anywhere!

We are two fellow Aussies here to teach you how to survive those 16+ flights in economy.

Get that entertainment sorted

Are all your devices charged? Have you filled them up with the latest movies or seasons of your favourite TV shows? Have your e-books at the ready. Maybe a cheeky game or two on your 3DS. Whatever it is just ensure you have it charged, stocked up and ready for it to last you those 16 hours. For any fellow travel bloggers/vloggers out there we suggest having a go at getting some work down, but we all know the woes of economy and elbow room.

Get comfy

Put on your Sunday best – meaning what you would normally wear on a lazy Sunday where you simply stay in bed and watch Netflix all day. For the girls, I suggest some leggings, a light tank top, a nice big jumper you can throw on when you get cold and some woolly socks for when they crank up the aircon too high. For the guys, pop on your trackies, a light t-shirt, a jumper and we all know you need some cheeky woolly socks too. Don’t forget to bring along a little pillow, a blanket, an eye mask and you should be good to go.

Block out the world

Something we never jump on a long haul flight without is our noise cancellation head phones. When its time to attempt to get some shut-eye you can pop on those headphones and slip on your eye mask. Blocking our the baby crying and bright lights is so effective in trying to get some sleep.

Replace music with podcasts

Something we have found that makes flights go so much quicker is listening to podcasts, rather then music. If your new to the podcast world a few we like to listen to are Serial, Ear Biscuits, Shane & Friends, Hamish & Andy and Launching Creative. Again, we all have different interests, so if you are keen in finding some podcasts to listen to just grab the Podcasts app and have a look.

Chose an exit row

Whenever we arrive at the airport and check in we always ask if the exit rows are taken. If you are lucky enough to land one you will have a ton of extra leg space. Just a simple tip we always recommend fellow travellers.

Keep moving

Sitting for long periods of time can increase you risk of deep vein thrombosis. We always try to go for a little walk around the plane or find a spot in the back you can do a few stretches. One time we were on a flight for over 21 hours and I barely walked around. When I got home my legs had swollen up like 2 big, fat sausages as I got water retention from sitting down for so long. Don’t make the same mistake I did and keep moving!

Pack your toiletries

Being stuck inside a small space for hours on end can make you feel dirty and icky. We suggest packing your tooth brush, mouth wash, hair brush and a touch of makeup. Being able to clean your teeth and freshen up before you land will make you feel fresh and ready for your new adventure. Just remember to pack it in a ziploc bag and ensure you have no fluids over 100ml.

Hope these tips will help you survive your next long haul flight. If you have your on trick you find helps, please share it below.

Stephen and Jess signoff

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