Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it’s one of its most vibrant and beautiful destinations. It’s a place where things like arts, culture, business, and entertainment mix together to create an unforgettable setting. A private bus tour is an ideal way to explore the city, as there is much to see and do in this amazing city.

Getting around by private bus

When you’re organising your private tour, the most important thing is to find your ideal Toronto bus rental options. That’s because Toronto is a huge city, and with a private bus you’d be able to efficiently organise the group and to ensure that no member of your group is on driving duty. The bus will strictly cater to your group’s needs and will charter you to every destination that you want to visit.

The CN Tower

No visit to Toronto is complete without the famous CN Tower. It’s an essential Toronto landmark, and this 553-meter tower is impossible to miss when you’re in town. It was built in the 70s, and it was once the tallest freestanding building in the entire world. Today you can enjoy it from right outside, or go for a ride in one its elevators to the restaurants and observation decks in the tower. The highest deck is the Sky Pod at 447 meters, from which sometimes even the Niagara Falls and New York State are visible on clear weather.

Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM is one of Toronto’s finest buildings, and Canada’s most famous and premier museums. It has a sterling international reputation, and it’s known worldwide for its excellence. Its collection is vast, and it covers several topics, such as art, history, and culture. Here you’ll find works on display from all around the globe, and from several different times of history. A decade ago there was a controversial expansion to the historic building, which added a new wing made mostly out of glass. Because of that, it’s not one of the most recognisable buildings in Toronto.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Located near the CN Tower, this is an enormous attraction that features marine life from all over the world. It’s incredibly popular among families, as it’s both fun and educational at the same time. It’s most visited attraction is the underwater tunnel. It has a moving sidewalk, and you’d get to enjoy the marine life go around you, with species such as sharks and sawfish living out their daily lives. It’s a surreal and unforgettable experience to say the least.

Art Gallery of Toronto

The AGO is one of the largest institutions of its kind in North America. It is a peculiar looking building that has an interesting mix of both modern and older architecture. Inside you’ll find around a hundred thousand works of art, all from different time periods and countries. Some are European masterpieces, while others are more modern Canadian artworks. There are also temporary exhibitions throughout the entire year.

Entertainment District

What Broadway is to New York, the Entertainment District is to Toronto. It’s the best and most popular part of town to enjoy a wide assortment of events and attractions. Here you can find excellent theatre productions, like shows and musicals, as well as a plethora of dining options. It’s the ideal part of Toronto for experiencing the vibrant spirit of the city, and it’s pretty much the best place for nightlife. The main hub of activity is King Street, which is where you’ll find many of this district’s attractions.

Toronto is an unforgettable destination. There is pretty much no better way to experience it as a group than with a private bus tour. That way you’ll get to relax and enjoy the sights, while you’re being driven around by a professional service.