Horseback riding in St Maarten

When we visited St Maarten during our Eastern Caribbean cruise we wanted to see the island and its beaches and what better way to explore then on horseback! We were able to venture on rarely-travelled nature trails that lead to hidden coves, places we never would of seen if it weren’t for this horseback riding tour.

Horseback Riding St Maarten Photo

Horseback Riding St Maarten Photo

As we trotted down the sand dunes we made our way to the crystal waters of the Caribbean sea. One by one the horses began to playfully gallop through the water. We were all enjoying dipping our feet into the warm water, except for Stephen who was stuck at the end along with all the horses ‘business’.

Horseback Riding St Maarten Photo


We love being able to say our first horse riding experience was on an island in the Caribbean and we highly recommend that if you are unexperienced like ourselves or a qualified jockey that this is the best way to experience St Maarten.

Horseback Riding St Maarten Photo

We booked our horse riding tour with Lucky Stables St Maarteen. They offer a 1hr trail ride and beach swim which we booked, a 1.5hr private ride which Stephen’s cousin, a very experienced rider, booked and a 2hr evening champagne ride for all you honeymooners out there.

Price: US$108 for a 1.5hr group horse ride

Where have you been horse back riding? We would love to hear in the comment section below, Tweet us or leave a post on Facebook.

           Stephen and Jess signoff

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