When we checked out of our hotel room at the Hilton in Queenstown, New Zealand we both decided that this place would be very hard to top in our coming years of travel.

After spending 5 decadent weeks travelling through eastern USA and The Caribbean, our wallets were saying no but our body was saying yes to another trip. Living fairly close to New Zealand we decided that it was finally time to see snow and during our next mid-University break we jumped on a plane to Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Hilton Queenstown Review Photos

Hilton Queenstown, New Zealand

The Hilton Queenstown is located just out of town on Lake Wakatipu and will make you look twice when you realise it is carved into the side of a mountain. You can walk straight out your room and be right on the lakefront. The design and views of the hotel made us easily put it into our top hotels we have stayed at thus far.

What we enjoyed the most about the Hilton, Queenstown was the natural feel of it. 

Hilton Queenstown Review Photos

The Location

The only negative that we can give the Hilton Queenstown is its location. This may put off a lot of travellers due to its distance from the town. We even had locals we met around town sparking up a conversation on why we stayed here and not somewhere more central.

However, there are plenty of local transportation options to use which we predominately utilised throughout our stay. You can easily jump on the water taxis to the village as well as the cheaper option of catching the local bus which comes quite frequently. You are looking at a 40 minute public transport trip to get into town.

At the end of the day we wouldn’t call the location a complaint, we were happy to catch the bus as we got to experience the beautiful views out the window. We never complained once about waking up that little bit earlier to get to our tours on time.

Plus, staying a bit out of town and away from the saturated tourist hub gave us a greater experience of Queenstown.

Hilton Queenstown Review Photos

The Rooms

Certainly one of the highlights of our stay would be the rooms. Our balcony overlooked the lake which required rugging up before sitting outside, adding to our first true winter experience. When we came back from our days adventures we were warmed up by our own private fireplace. Our bedroom was in the same room as the fireplace which made us toasty inside as we went to sleep.

We looked the design and architecture so much we took photographs to keep as inspiration for the day we build our own home. We rarely spend our holidays in our rooms but the warm and toasty fire kept dragging us back in and making us sleep in longer – and what is a holiday without some R&R. 

Hilton Queenstown Review Photos


The service was great, besides checking in and out our only other interaction with them was through the concierge to book our paragliding experience. He recommended a few options for us and even said to go with the cheaper option informing us that we would not notice the extra air time that we would pay for.

Amenities & Facilities

The hotel has all your standard amenities and facilities but it was the added touch of fireplaces around the common rooms which gave a nice aesthetic feel to the place. Even though it was freezing outside the indoor heated pool and spa were hot and comfortable enough to make us stay.

There were several dining options including cafes and bars as well as the Wakapitu Grill which we treated ourselves to one night. The menu was quite expensive at the Hilton and the location doesn’t help when choosing where to eat. If you are wanting to save money we recommend eating out before heading back to the hotel.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard not to recommend the Hilton Queenstown. The rooms are reasonably price, the views are to die for and if you are happy catching a 40 minute bus ride into the town you can’t go past booking a room. Our time here easily stands alongside the time we stayed in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives.

Hilton Queenstown Review Photos

Price: $AUD200 per night for a King Hilton Guestroom. Total of $AUD1600 for 8 nights.

We booked through Expedia.

Have you been to Queenstown, New Zealand? Where did you stay? Leave a comment below, on Facebook or Tweet us.

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