The final stop on our end-of-year university trip was Dubai in the Middle East. The main reason we chose to visit Dubai was simply to jump out of a plane and skydive over the Palm. When booking our accommodation we wanted to be local, therefore the Hilton was the best choice. It is located in the Jumeriah area and walking distance to Skydive Dubai.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort

To be honest, the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort is your standard luxury hotel, if you have been to a Hilton or any major hotel you know what to expect. Pluses for this particular hotel is its situated right on the beach , you walk out of the pool and straight onto the sand of a private beach. It is quite luxurious with several restaurants, a large pool and plenty of deck chairs for you to sit on whilst you stare out looking at the beautiful Palm islands.

Hilton Private Beach


The Location

The hotel is located on the walk in Jumeirah Dubai. The walk is a 2km road that stretches across a wide range of different hotels, a shopping centre, cinema and ends right next to the Palm Islands. This newly established area was filled with plenty of restaurants, take outs, coffee shops and stores to keep us entertained without needing to leave Jumeirah.

In terms of distance from major attractions – like I said we were right next to the Palm, so a 15 minute drive got us to Atlantis or the Burj Al Arab. If you are wanting to head downtown to see the Burj Khalifa then it’s around a 25 minute drive. You’re also looking at around 40-50 minutes (depending on traffic) to get to the international airport.

The Rooms

As we were travelling with my sister we booked a triple room. We were presented with two king beds and though it may seem that we always stay at the Hilton (we mostly do we will admit) our reasoning is that we can always rely on those very comfortable beds. There was plenty of shows to watch on TV after a long day of activities however WiFi was an optional extra.

Travel Tip: If you head down to the lobby of the hotel you could jump onto the wifi for free

As the Jumeirah area was still under construction our balcony view was a construction site of a new hotel which we only really saw as we drew the curtains in the morning. There really isn’t much to hotel rooms except the two large beds, a bathroom and a tiny fridge which we quickly unpacked to fill with treats we got from the local store.

hilton dubai jumeirah rooms



Upon arrival we were informed that our room would be complimentarily upgraded due to being apart of the Hilton Honors program, this would include being located a few floors higher up. We dropped our bags and decided to head to the beach to catch some sun. Besides check-in our only interaction was when ordering a taxi, which you can’t really get wrong.


We found the hotel restaurant prices to be quite pricey including paying around $5USD for a 330ml can of coke on the beach. Upon checking the room service and restaurant menu we made a group decision to eat out for the remainder of our stay. Besides restaurants there is plenty to do at the hotel including the beach, pool, business centre and spa. The one downside to staying at a Hilton hotel is the pricing of extras, however they usually more than make it up with their excellent location choices and reasonable accommodation costs.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah outside

Final Thoughts

It’s hard not to recommend the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah due to its reasonable pricing and great location. Depending on where you want to be for your Dubai trip will depend on whether you want to stay in the Jumeirah area. As we wanted to go skydiving and visit The Atlantis we found it to be a great locale. The rooms and beds were very comfortable and the abundance of restaurants outside meant that we never needed to eat in.

Travel Tip: Whenever staying in hotel chains, we always recommend you sign up for their loyalty program. This way you can start earning rewards and you get things like free upgrades, free nights, WiFi etc. If you are looking at staying at a Hilton hotel, why not send us an email so we can refer you to the program. Most of the time it is beneficial for both parties and it helps keep Flying the Nest alive that much longer. 

Price: $1859 – King Hilton Deluxe – triple room for 4 nights. For our trip that worked out to be $469 per night and $154 per person per night (there was three of us).

Have you travelled to Dubai before? Where did you stay?


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